Third World War - 1st album (1971)

Strange I had forgotten to re-up the first LP of this great band when I re-uped the second one. Nice a visitor requested it so here it is. If you want to know the ancestrals of Sleaford Mods, here they are. Not musically, but sure on a sociological and even lyrical plan. Catch it here.

I was sure to have posted the 1st album by the great Avery/Stamp tandem that provided their working fighting songs under the name of Third World War, but a visitor told me that actually no. So here it is. A seminal album, one of those that ignoring makes you an ignorant. You can forget almost 90% of the production of 1970 (even if it was one of the greatest year for rock, the one with the sound I prefer actually) rather than passing-by this precious proletarian rock bomb that is more crucial for music of the further decade than all the glam, prog, jazz-rock, kraut, west-coast and folk stuffs together. And the miracle is that it's one of these albums (with the second one of course posted here) that can be listened today as freshly as at the times, since lyrics and music are as relevant to today capitalist shit that it was in 1970. Less well-produced than the second one, with more rudimentary songs, there's however the Rolling Stones horn section on it (Jim Price and Bobby Keyes) and also Tony Ashton, so nothing amateurish second-hand record. It's not garage, it's not pub-rock, it's marxist-rock. Take it, spread it, and honor to these working class heroes wherever they are. Enjoy it. And sing along "Let's free the working class / We're tired of licking the Government's arse". And don't forget silly journalists like Roy Hollingworth (Melody Maker) were so unable to know the difference between their arse and a hole in the ground that they shit on the album when it was released. Just listen to "Stardom Road" and tell me if Joe Cocker (Terry Stamp often sounds vocally like him) has done such a moving song in his life?


Ruben Chandler said...

What a fantastic band! Grabbed both of them. I love it when something so wonderful passed you by, years ago, and then comes along and makes your whole year! thanks alot.

Team Awesome said...

Any chance of a re-up?

Rob J said...

Great band.

Overlooked and underrated, clearly a big influence on Crass a
decade later.