Television Personalities - Salvador Dali's Garden Party EP (1989)

First of a long series of re-up consisting of all the singles and EPs Dan Treacy issued under the name of Television Personalities after 1989. I'll do it in stages (in times?). Most of them are eternal gems. A true genius for sure. Catch this first one here.

This EP should have been posted at the beginning of my Television-Personalities-in-the-nineties series, but it will actually close it (I think I'll compile them all on a single fake LP later on, so that this missing link is at least provided in one shot). Released in October 1989 (23 years from now, help ! it's a nightmare all these years passing by as fast cars that never crash), after 3 years of silence (the real previous one was the "How I Learned To Love The Bomb" 7" and then EP) it preceded by 4 months the mediocre Privilege album (surely the worst in all TVP discography). But this EP is one of their best, with 4 strong songs, in particular the wonderful "The Room At The Top Of The Stairs" sung in duo with a girl called Chrysanthenum Mordin (surely her true forename) in which a Gainsbourg - Birkin flavour is quite obvious. The production doesn't kill the songs as it will on the album. The EP (and the album) is said to be engineered by Matthew Fisher, not sure this is the ancient Procol Harum member but why not. I hope he's not too much responsible for the awful sound TVP had at the times. So, everything seemed to announce great nineties for Dan Treacy. Musically, it would be, but on a human plan, it would be a slow wreck in oblivion as we have described it previously. But let's enjoy things as they started, that's what all we do in life, although we know it will end bad. Sorry for the low quality sleeve picture. I got the EP but I'm too lazy to take a picture  and it's too large to be scanned, so I took what I found on the net. Moreover, now that I finished to post most of my fave artists rarities (Dan Treacy, Melanie, Peter Perrett, Mandy Morton, Mark Perry, Barry Ryan, Alex Harvey, Tony McPhee, Free, Family, Golden Earring, Alain Kan, Jean-Claude Vannier and some more) this blog will be fed less frequently. It's true I'm also a little bored by the mandatory technical stuff to do for  publishing each post. And I don't want this blog becomes another part of what I feel forced to do without feeling any pleasure. There's enough of it in one day. Last, the number of visitors is rather modest and this doesn't encourage much to go on every night. After all I could read a book or just listen to some music.


Anonymous said...

I am a reader of your blog, a huge TVPs fan. I love what you are doing! Keep it up!

It's a nice and interesting read!

Anonymous said...

Thank You's from Finland, done nice compilations of 90's TVP and listen these all the time. Cheers, mz

dkelvin said...

Thx for the comment
I think I'll gather on a compilation and post some day all the original singles and EPs that TVP issued in the nineties and that I posted separately. I got the cover sleeve and I like it so much I think I'll do it soon.
dk (from France)