Today Is The Day - Sadness Will Prevail (alt. demo version) / The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself fake 7" (2000)

A welcome re-up since the title of the song fits perfectly with the present mood here in France. We still laugh because we like to joke about what hurts us the most, and because islamic terrorists are finally sinister clowns more pathetics than anything else, maybe not more than their dangerosity I must admit. But they'll be soon little bit of carbon atoms and nothing more. Cos' they were fooled. There's no God, no paradise, no virgins waiting for them (or at least what remains of them). There's only the sadness and mourning they leave on this planet. Catch this fake single here.

If, like me, you think Sadness Will Prevail is not only the last sentence Van Gogh is supposed to have said prior to die, but is also one of the best LPs (double CD actually) of music history, and if you never heard any demo version of this album, so you will be glad to find in this fake single I created, a demo version of the eponymous song released on a Relapse compilation in 2000, the label being in search of new material and Steve Austin having probably nothing else to propose. The version is stunning too, maybe a little rawer than on the album but a must-hear anyway. The other song Relapse include on this double-CD compilation called Contaminated 3.0 was a song from the Temple of Morning Star LP (released in 1997), "The Man Who Loves To Hurt Himself". It was quite relevant with what was living Steve Austin during this 1999-2002 period. A fantastic song too although nothing since it's the LP version. I publish this post the day one of my students suddenly lost his dad (a musician). Sadness sure always prevails.

  I tore it down to lift it up off the ground / It makes me / It brings me down / And all i am on the ground / At night I'll wrap myself in pain / And never see again / My cover that you have blown / I wish this path i did not go / It makes me / It brings me down / And all I am on the ground / At night I'll wrap myself in pain  / And never see again

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would be very interested to listen to this, could you re-up? thank you