Best of 2012 - Songs, EPs and LPs not to be forgotten

Here's a compilation of songs and no-songs (call them tracks) that made my year (wrapped in a self-made cover sleeve with pictures by Claudia Böhm). With various styles, less sludgy doom than previous years I must admit. Maybe I'm getting old and soft (jelly some would say). This is the reason I splitted this compilation in 2, in order to be more easy to listen to it. Of course Brian Wilson, Kim Fowley and Dr John are old glories and no more at their creative peak, but the fact is they have made each some of the songs I loved the most this year. And for a new generation you got Emily Wells and JFG, 2 of the greatest composers of the last years so far. Doom Tree is a complete hip hop coup-de-coeur (long time I did not have in this genre) and Grass Is Green my noisy coup-de-foudre, one of the greatest album I listened to this year and this song is marvellous (but I could have picked 2 or 3 others in this masterpiece). The tracks are 5 of the most devastating (for Black Skies, Rabbits and Witchstone) or powerful (for Rotting Hills and Sonance) of the year. You can find all these bands on Forgotten Songs (until July, when mf shelved my account) or Dim Damn Doom. Below, the list of my 10 fave albums of the year. Some of course have songs in the compilation but not all. Yes I know you may think I give too much credit to the young Emily Wells. But her album totally blowed me away and was the soundtrack of several important moments during my year. Her music talks to me the way the Unthanks' one talked to me last year. Grass Is Green,  Rabbits, Bezoar, Uzala, Huata, Single Mothers and Black Skies have given to this year its "lettres de noblesse", and they were not many to create something new and exciting. When I look at the other Best of lists from other blogs, I sometimes wonder if really they are in search of some evolution in music. But nevermind, maybe I'm too old, too weird, old and stupid. Hope the 13th year of the XXIst century will offer some greatness too. Enjoy it here.

My best albums of the year (preference order, from 1 to 10)

Emily Wells - Mama

Grass Is Green - Ronson

Black Skies - On The Wings Of Time

Rabbits - Bites Rites

Dr John - Locked Down

Single Mothers - Indian Pussy

Doom Tree - No Kings

Bezoar - Wyt Deth

Uzala - Uzala

Huata - Atavist of Mann


Str... - Live In London (2001-04)

This live set is totally acoustic and has been recorded during the last decade, it's the only thing I can write with assurance since for the rest it's a complete mystery. Released by Carinco, a label who doesn't care to wrap his releases in ugly cover sleeves and to not provide any information to the "cochon de payant" (French expression that means "pig customer" i.e. treating the customer as a pig). See what they did with Melanie's back catalogue and tell me whether it's not what we all despise from a "label". So, I decided to post it here with a better cover sleeve (with amusing pictures ddkated to feet fetichists, from a photographer called Fraser James, see his deviantArt gallery here). What I think is that this concert was recorded between 2001 and 2004 with Brian Willoughby on guitar and before Chas Cronk rejoined the band since there's no bass sound and the setlist is more adequate with the ones they played at their acoustic sets in their beginnings (I mean the beginnings of their new acoustic career). So, I decided to credit Willoughby instead of Cronk but nothing's sure. Whatever, the setlist is a pure dream, without any weak track. If, like me, you love Baroque and Roll and Painted Sky albums, you'll find here another reason to reach paradise cos' these versions are wonderfully delicate (and melancholic), without the mandatory happy songs that they sometimes feel the need to intercede in their repertoire. So here it is, my Xmas gift. Hope we got some day more info about this live concert.


Mott The Hoople - Live At Fairfield Halls (1970)

This repost to announce that I reup-ed all the Live Mott The Hoople of the blogs, all had disappeared when my mf account was shelved. A visitor asked me for reup this one yesterday, so I did it for all, surely many who had missed them will be happy to get them on FS. More to come.

Another Mott The Hoople "album that could have been". Actually, failing to find in studio the intensity and excitation of their live sets, they imagined releasing a live album. This opportunity was provided by their opening shows for Free, who were recording their concerts for a future live LP. Fairfield Halls will actually provide some tracks of the official Free Live album. Unfortunately, the Mott set triggered such an excitation than part of the audience climbed on stage and produced some technical problems that were considered annoying enough to withdraw this Live album project. Not very clear where are the problems actually when you listen to this top quality recorded set. But the fact is that the songs would remain in the void until the Mott Box Set ("Ohio" being on it) and then the CD issue by Angel Air. Would this live LP changed the destiny of the band if released in December 1970? Not sure actually cause honestly, it' s often a little too much sound chaos and tracks are rather too long to maintain interest when listened to on records. And the slow ballads (specially "When My Mind's Gone", so wonderful in studio) are a little out of place in this playlist. However, this is a fascinating testimony of a dead-born album and this provides the pleasure to imagine listening to an album that only failed to exist. Enjoy it here. PS. I took the cover sleeves from the Wildlife's inner one (surely shot during this tour).