Str... - Live In London (2001-04)

This live set is totally acoustic and has been recorded during the last decade, it's the only thing I can write with assurance since for the rest it's a complete mystery. Released by Carinco, a label who doesn't care to wrap his releases in ugly cover sleeves and to not provide any information to the "cochon de payant" (French expression that means "pig customer" i.e. treating the customer as a pig). See what they did with Melanie's back catalogue and tell me whether it's not what we all despise from a "label". So, I decided to post it here with a better cover sleeve (with amusing pictures ddkated to feet fetichists, from a photographer called Fraser James, see his deviantArt gallery here). What I think is that this concert was recorded between 2001 and 2004 with Brian Willoughby on guitar and before Chas Cronk rejoined the band since there's no bass sound and the setlist is more adequate with the ones they played at their acoustic sets in their beginnings (I mean the beginnings of their new acoustic career). So, I decided to credit Willoughby instead of Cronk but nothing's sure. Whatever, the setlist is a pure dream, without any weak track. If, like me, you love Baroque and Roll and Painted Sky albums, you'll find here another reason to reach paradise cos' these versions are wonderfully delicate (and melancholic), without the mandatory happy songs that they sometimes feel the need to intercede in their repertoire. So here it is, my Xmas gift. Hope we got some day more info about this live concert.

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