Golden Earring - As & Bs (1970-76)

Strange that nobody ever asked me to reup this one, deleted with my mf account. Such an As & Bs compilation of this great band has never been officially issued to my knowledge so I would have imagined many would have required a fixed link but no. Actually, I just found today this self-made compilation was not on rs, thus I up it on it so that some of you can discover the fantastic collection of rock songs the band created during this decade. Note that their 2003 Millbrook USA album was a wonderful achievement but that the last one is less than mediocre. However, they surely are one of the most underrated classic rock band of history. Maybe cos' they are from Netherland. Find the links (the compilation is in 2 parts) at the bottom of the initial post.

I will repost for some bands the singles I posted individually together on As & Bs compilations in the further weeks. First because some of you may find a little tedious to dl it one by one (but you can work a little can't you?), second because rs is often not very kind with those who are not premium users, third because I fear to have rs or mf to face the same problem than mu one day (I must say that I'm quite sure it will occur and it's painful to imagine all my work being suddenly send to oblivion but I must be prepare for this to happen soon), and fourth because it gives me the opportunity to create a fake LP cover sleeve and I love that. So here are the 23 songs that this great band has offered (hum... sold actually) to us during their 6 years of peak period (even if they have done some good things later on). In the whole, I got my faves (see individual posts to know which ones, but you may not give a fuck and I understand that), but listening to it in the continuity shows how this band was to the level, and maybe a little higher, than most of the UK/US big rock bands of the times. Enjoy it here and there (in 2 parts)


Family - Live Anyway fake LP (1970)

I hadn't noticed that the link to this fake live LP consisting of the 1st side of Anyway with 2 live versions of the studio side of the same LP, has been lost with my mf file account removal. So I re-up it on rs. One visitor has informed me that the 2 live songs I added were surely recorded in 1971 and not during the tour Anyway live songs were recorded. Too bad but I leave it this way since it makes quite a great LP to listen to. All this is so far in the past now that some month distance is of no more importance. But it's a fact I would have preferred to find live versions recorded during the same tour that the Anyway live side. Below what I wrote in the initial post with the new link.

Fake but not impossible this is the way this album should have been released in November 1970. Actually, the band had planned to release a double live LP but seems not to have enough material of good quality to do it. So, for their 4th album, they decide to do what's the worst, an hybrid LP with a live side and a studio one. Don't have any souvenir that such an album was a success in terms of homogeneity (remember Cactus Ot 'n' Sweaty for example). Three years ago BGO released on double CDs Anyway and A Song For Me. On the Anyway CD, there were 3 live bonus tracks, 2 of them that could have been from the Fairfield Halls set that gave the Anyway live side. Not sure but since these songs were on the studio side, I take the risk to conclude that a Live Anyway could have consisted of these 6 songs. Not that live "Part of the Load" and "Lives and Ladies" are totally convincing, being somewhere between long Canned Heat jams and long Traffic improvisations, but they would have provided a more consistent LP after all. For the cover sleeves, I created a sort of demarked Anyway cover with the same Da Vinci drawing. The pictures (on the back sleeve and below) are ones of the band in the correct period since they tended to change quite often of personal during their career. I'll post all their singles later on this blog. Stay vigilant if you'd like to discover them, there's much to savour. Enjoy this Live Anyway here, there are "Good News -Bad News" and "Strange Band", 2 of the strongest songs, not only from Family but from the whole Seventies.


Jack Bruce - Can You Follow? fake EP (1971)

One of the pleasures of this blog is to conceive fake singles or EPs that I would have dreamed some label manager had decided to release. Of course, none of them would have sold but they may have remained as a true piece of seminal vinyl. I also love the idea to build such singles or EPs around one song. This is the case with this Jack Bruce fake EP built around the short intro song of Harmony Row (in case you were not informed, one of the greatest LP in history). Here we have the LP version one followed (can you?) by the first take of the song and the band instrumental version (both on the 2003 reissue of the album). In the middle, the first take of "There's A Forest"(forgot to wrote on the fake back cover sleeve it was the first take but it was). Another piano-only song proving (if there was any need) than Jack Bruce was (is?) one of the greatest melodist and singer any period. The shivers his voice and melodies trigger in my spine are not far from the ones that Robert Wyatt trigger too. Hope this offering will give to some of you the same emotions than to me. The cover sleeve is derived from the inner sleeve picture of Harmony Row. Enjoy it here.

Can You Follow? Hey can you follow, Now that the trace is fainter in the sand Try turning your face to the wall Can you still read me Now that the chase is wilder in your hand Try losing your place in the sun All the praises of the dream turned to tangles in the trees All yesterday's fine chariots turned to buses in the street Can you still hear me Now that the songs are moving into night Try sleeping with the dancers in your room


Nikki Sudden - Acoustic set at Artliners (2006)

There was quite a time I wanted to post this acoustic set captured at Arliners, in Berlin, and recorded 1 month before Nikki's death, on the 17th of February 2006. But I postponed it for several months since I was not able to recognize the title of 2 songs (I'm not a total addict and specialist of Sudden repertoire). Actually someone had given me a CD-R more than 7 years ago without any title on it, only the date of the recording. I finally found these titles today, so I don't wait for posting it. Note that yesterday I received my 6-CD + 1 boxset The Boy From Nowhere from easyaction.co.uk (a great thing but I have some critics about it I'll tell one day maybe). All the details explaining why there was so few people in the audience are on the back of the cover sleeve (below). If of course it's a great emotion to listen in such an intimate condition an artist you love so close of his death, it can't be denied that it takes quite a time for the songs to reach a certain level of depht. But of course all of you who appreciate the man and didn't know about this recording would be delighted to get it so I stop talking bullshit and let you enjoy here. PS. I did a di-by-myself cover sleeve for the front but only modified the boot one for the back (am I clear I don't believe?)


Black Sabbath - Live at California Jam (1974)

Another Sabbath show, 18 months earlier (on the 6th of April 1974) than the Asbury Park set, only some weeks after the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album, in front of one of the largest audience ever seen in rock history. It is said that there were more than 200,000 persons, let's have a look at the picture below. It was a festival located on Ontario Motor Freeway and called California Jam. It's true that the program featured among the most popular bands of the era. Here we are far from the dark and gothic atmosphere but strangely, listened without taking into account this environment, the music keeps all it's venimous and blasphemic power. If Ozzy would have limited his "We love you" and "Clap your hands", the context would have been totally avoided. The set has been filmed and the videos can be seen almost everywhere (see below too for a sample but you can find more on youtube). There were several bootlegs of this show under various names and cover sleeves sometimes totally weird, with Dio on the picture not Ozzy. I chose to do one myself with a drawning from Lovis Corinth. Not the best I did but I didn't find a better idea. I can't say I listened to all the versions released but the ones I heard have very contrasted sound qualities. The one I post is the best I heard. It's in VLC to enhance still a bit the quality compared to the MP3. The tracks are on the same file but it's not a real problem for a live set. The music can thus be appreciated without too much sound quality disagreement. That's the main point. Enjoy it here.


Emily Wells - Passenger / Let Your Guard Down 7" (2012)

A re-up cos' Emily Wells (seen this evening in concert at Paris, only 40 min but great as I expected it) releases her Mama LP in Europe on last monday. It is backed with an acoustic version of the album on a second CD. Of course it seems to me impossible not to buy it for anybody with a seeming musical awareness (I even bought it again with the acoustic LP tonight and she dedkated it to me, I'm returning to my teen-fan attitude it's ridiculous I know but I don't care) but after all, so many bad music is popular, it is maybe too much to ask that great music be still appreciated. For me Emily Wells is one of the most talented and moving artist of this last decade and she can rivalizes with all the previously great artists she could sometimes be compared to (what I did in my first post I remember). I hope she'll go on in this tight and rigorous approach of music. As I tried to tell her in my poor English, the way she shows the skeleton of her songs, the work-in-progress, is participating to the beauty of her songs and the emotion of the listener. I even compared her to the Eiffel Tower, a monument in which the metallic structure is part of the grandeur and splendour. Yes I know I must be a little psycho to do such comparison but she seemed to take it as a compliment so that the point. Below, what I wrote in the initial post (I don't read it again to preclude being tempted to modify or remove it) exactly one year ago.

I'm really in love with the last Emily Wells LP called Mama. I don't really dig her previous works (the last LP was released in 2008 I think) but this later one is totally thrilling, stunning, moving. And among the 10 songs, "Passenger", the first single will be without a doubt one of my fave song of the year. I don't stop listening to it and each time I shiver like a young teenager although I'm not one for a long long time now (but in my inner self, I can't really say I'm feeling so far from my teen years). Somewhere between Bolan, Kate Bush and Danielle Dax (personal choice of influences, maybe I'm wrong but I hear them in her), but with a lo-fi and experimental approaches that none of these brilliant masters adopted, she shows that all the female singer-songwriters are not naive muppets playing the romantic, evanescent and sexy (and silly) creatures. She would deserve to have the same success than Lana Del Rey (and I rather appreciate Miss Rey) but sure she doesn't fit in the mainstream instrumental codes to reach such a notoriety. I post this single (with a do-it-myself cover sleeve taken from the first picture of her clip), only a virtual one I think, to which I added a B-side with one of the other highlights of her LP, the wonderful "Let Your Guard Down". If you don't fall for these, it's quite desperating. Hope I won't be forced to remove the link. I'm sure that I help her in posting  this  but I know many don't agree. Catch it here. And then buy the album there (or anywhere you want).


Melanie - Sunset And Other Beginnings (1975)

Another reup (no much time nor energy to post these days, sorry). A not really prime Melanie LP but the link was still on defunct mf account so now it's fixed on rs. As usual, what I wrote in the initial post, even if Melaniemaniacs (there are some) have found it offensive.

1972-1975 is not a good period for Melanie musically. She seemed much more concerned by her children than by songwriting and recording and the 4 albums she would release are among her most uneven, this one being one of the weakest (and the cover sleeve quite ugly). The worst in it are the musical arrangements, with this fake funky flavour that ruined some of the best attempts. And when songs are ballads, there is a pathos in the vocals and sound that destroy the emotion. If I post it, it's because this album is no more available on CD (and never has been really easy to find) and because many versions found on the net are the US and not the UK version, the latter including a reworked version of "Ol Man River" which is finally one of the best thing of the whole playlist. Other good songs are "Perceive It", the cover of "I Got My Mojo Working" (second track on the US version, seven on the UK version, don't take the sleeve below for reference, it doesn't respect the original UK order of the playlist) and "Where's The Band". Not a lot considering there are 13 songs. Sad to say that (and maybe Melanie's fans will disagree but there is nothing more boring than fans), but it's a rather dispendable album. The poor rework of "You Can't Hurry Love" has nothing to do in Melanie's repertoire and was a failure in single. And the version of "Almost Like Beign In Love" failed too to make any impact although she appeared in some TV shows (see below). Since I'm here to provide a wide view of the artistic life of this great lady, there is no way I would miss to post it. Importantly, all the songs of the US LP were taken from CD version in 320 kb so nothing to do with lo-qual sources that you can find here and there on the net. Enjoy it here.


Melvins - Hooch EP (1993)

This is the first single The Melvins released after being signed by Atlantic (on the recommandation of Kurt Cobain). For Melvins fans (I was), it was therefore the follow-up to "Nightgoat". Actually, the version I post here is not the single 2-song version released in the US but a CD 4-song version released in Australia. Instead of the album-featured "Sky Pup", the EP consists in a cover of the MC5 ("Rocket Reducer"), of the Germs ("Lexicon Devil") and a live captured version of "It's Shoved" (from a February 1993 concert). Not seminal but rare enough to deserve attention from FS. "Hooch" was associated with a video clip (see below, full of X-ray images of Buzz singing) and was far from being the hit Atlantic surely was expected (naive they were, "Hey, it was the Melvins"). Sorry for my present Melvinomania, but I can't listen to anything else for the last 2 weeks, so the blog mirrors this obsession. More to come from these gigantic monster of heavyness that deserved to be on Atlantic. Enjoy it here. PS. Note that the 3 EP bonus songs would be included the next year on a promo EP with "Lizzy" in main song (same version than on Houdini).


Procol Harum - As Strong As Samson / The Unquiet Zone 7" (1975)

Strange single actually. First because it was released after their album Ninth whilst recorded for their previous one, one year earlier (i.e., Exotic Birds And Fruits). Strange too because they had already issued in single one song from Ninth ("Pandora's Box"), with a rather public success (n°16 in UK, their highest position since "Conquistador" live orchestra version in 1972), and since the album (a rather weak one) was more commercial-inclined than the previous one, one would have expected the next single to be extracted from it. But someone (who?) decided to release as A-side of the new single a rearranged version of the strong "As Strong As Samson". Unfortunately, this version, with a dispensable slide guitar on it, was certainly doomed to pass unoticed in 1975 (prog, disco and soul-rock are here for 2 years). Anyway, this is interesting to post it, often the LP version being wrongly substituted to this one. Moreover, I added another alternate version (slower, longer, with the slide guitar but in another key) that was added as a bonus track of the Salvo reissue of Exotic Birds And Fruits in 2009. On the B-side, "The Unquiet Zone" version is the same than on Ninth I never liked the production work of Leiber and Stoller and they ruined what could have been a far better song in Chris Thomas hands. Meanwhile, enjoy this interesting document here. PS. Of course I am the one to blame for this cover sleeve (don't even know the name of the painter...).


Robyn Hitchcock - Harry's Song / My Rain fake 7" (2013)

Long time I didn't create a fake single with 2 songs from a newly released LP (and often it was with Robyn Hitchcock too) but here I feel the need to do it since if times were not so rottenly tasteless and music business so stinky, it would be an evidence to issue "Harry's Song" on the A-side of a single (and the great "My Rain" as a perfect B-side). So, approaching to the last part of my life (and maybe more if a damn fatal disease will precipitate my extinction), having failed in almost all the domains of life, it seems for me one of my rare left mission to do this. Modest for sure but better than nothing. Don't forget Robyn Hitchcock has a new LP out called "Love From London" and that it is an excellent album. Even if it was not that good it would be a mandatory acquisition since earing a new record from him is like reading the new volume of a diary published in book of one beloved author. Enjoy this gem here.


The Unthanks - Starless And Bible Black / No One Knows I'm Gone fake 7" (2011)

I re-uped this one yesterday after a visitor told me the link was deleted. Don't know if this was deleted by rs by demand or not (I forgot to read the message...). If you're interested, try not to wait too long. It could be deleted again soon. Note that the Unthanks are releasing a Live LP of their recent Songs from the Shipyards Trilogy. Surely great but for me this cover of the king Crimson classic is their masterpiece. Below what I wrote in the initial post (exactly 2 years ago, God this is crazy, death is coming at fast speed, give me my bible black that I can pray for mercy in this starless night).

The last (it's actually it's name) album from The Unthanks will surely be my album of the year. I listen to it for more than 2 months now, and I seriously doubt there will be something that will move me more till December. The previous one was quite a success but this is a total masterpiece, maybe the album that succeeds to give a successor to the Robert Wyatt cult Rock Bottom LP (not yesterday as you know). Interestingly, the Unthanks sisters had done a cover of "Soup Song" from this album, but here it's a similar climax over a whole LP. Not a weak note in it, and some moments you feel you hear something that few were able to reach. So is their cover of King Crimson's "Starless & Bible Black" (the real title, that KC didn't use cos' the previous LP wore this name). I am quite an amateur of trumpets in rock (see recently the superb Foxhole album I posted on this blog here), but here it's like this intrument was directely connected to my spinal chord and makes me shivering like a child naked in the snow (and of course without his mum). I think John Wetton, the happy father of this song, must be proud to hear it sung and played this way. This is why I did this fake 7" with a Tom Waits song on B-side (No One Knows I'm Gone" from Alice LP), another excellent rendition. But honestly, it's just for a taste and buy cos' I wonder how it's possible not to get this album this year. I took a picture from privatedanser to do the cover sleeve, the same who did the picture I took for the Back Street Crawler live LP here. Meanwhile enj..., shiver it here.

Starless & Bible Black. Sundown dazzling day gold through my eyes but my eyes turned within only see starless and bible black old friend charity cruel twisted smile and the smile signals emptiness for me starless and bible black ice blue silver sky fades into grey to a grey hope that oh years to be starless and bible black


And 25 years later, it finally was it.

Unfortunately, she had a prolific descendance, and the guillotine that beheaded our king, could be useful for all the Thatcher's today political bastards who put Europe in this mess.


Madness - Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da Live on the UK Arena Tour (2012)

Yesterday the word was Sadness when I arrived at the Trianon for the band concert. I should have been with my son but he finally declined to come and to be here alone made me jumped in a sea of... sadness actually. Did the band was able to change the "s" in "m"? Only partially. My life is so tightly linked with the songs of this incredibly underrated band (actually in France where they are too much considered as an entertainment and dance burlesque ensemble) that often the thrill to hear the melodies and orchestrations (always perfectly played, and I saw them 3 time over the last 4 years) was mixed with some nostalgia and awful feeling of all these years passed by and things irremediably lost. So here, this free downloadable testimony the band has generously (a word that suits them perfectly) provided last christmas. It shows that they are not living on their past but always creating (even if their last album doesn't reach the genius of the the fantastic Liberty of Norton Folgate). Enjoy it here. Below a picture from last evening show at the Trianon and more here.


Alternative TV / Nikki Sudden / Jowe Head - The Tribute to Kevin Coyne fake EP (2007)

Another re-up allowing to salute in the same post 3 of my heroes: Nikki Sudden, Mark Perry and Kevin Coyne (let's add Jowe Head). Another of my mf deleted files I discovered I forgot to re-u on rs and nobody asked for. Sad actually. Except if everybody bought the album but I have doubts. So here it is again.  Can't realize this post was done exactly 2 years ago. Time is like wind and takes our lives away as straw sticks it's terrible.

Since I try to post all the Alternative TV rarities, it was unavoidable that I post the Mark Perry's cover of a very rare Kevin Coyne song called "Hello Judas". It's the occasion to talk about Kevin Coyne just to say that he's one of my fave artists since 1973 and that I'll someday post his singles discography for sure. Here, the ATV song is driven from a 22 + 2 song compilations called Whispers From The Offing (with an awfully unrelevant cover sleeve and many many weak versions of rather unknown singers, an exception for the splendid version of "Case History n°2" by Pascal Regis that I could have included in this fake EP but I was not sure he would agree). Cos' it seems that the musical heritage of Kevin Coyne is kept by his fans and family as a private treasure, see the recent text of his son who ask us not to illegally dl the scandalous reissue of the Kevin Coyne's Virgin back catalogue only in non remastered MP3 version. They should have refused to give their agreement to such a bastard way to consider music lovers as paying pigs. Esoteric is said to release it in solid form (CD) soon. It's better to wait and to dl it without giving your money to Virgin that will be encouraged otherwise to do the same with their other artists. You can buy the Whipers of the Offing if you want, it's not a Virgin product, and benefits go to a charity institution. But here I made an EP with the 3 artists that many of us sure appreciated the most in the whole bunch. If the Nikki Sudden rendition of "Marlene" is quite common and predictible, the Alternative TV and the Jower Head covers areof first quality. The cover sleeve was created with paintings from Kevin Coyne. I can't say I'm very receptive of this naïve art but who care.Sorry for the mistake on the History of Case History)


Crushed Butler - Uncrushed (1969-71)

If there's a band that, next to Third World War and Slade deserves to be recognized as the precursors of late 70's UK pub rock and early punk à-la Sham 69 or Menace, it's Crushed Butler (even if punks probably never heard of them). But there was a hard rock dimension to their music that lacked to the laters. Inexplicably, they never released anything during their short-lived career (but there are other great bands who never did too, showing that this period was not the golden one so many of my generation would like to convince youngster it was) before mutating their name in Tiger without more success. It's raw and rough and dirty and down-to-earth, it's seminal and tribal, it's rock as it was supposed to be when considered as a fist in the face of mainstream and normality. This compiled LP has just been re-released on Die Luxus in 10 inch vinyl format and should be possessed. Just listen to "Love Fighter", somewhere between Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin and tell me whether it was possible to live without it. Hector and Butler later formed the Hammersmith Gorillas. Daryl Read (the drummer) did a solo life (also working with Ray Manzarek) and is always on the edge and all info can be found here or there. Enjoy this gem here.


Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel - Live in the studio (1976)

Under this title is a live in the studio set played for Musikladen  andrecorded by Radio Bremen on the 27th of January 1976. The band was on the eve to release his Timeless Flight LP, the 4th under Cockney Rebel name but only the second with this line-up. Once again, not the CR formation I like the best, the band having left his weird and singular approach of music for a much more mainstream one and virtuosity is what may seem the most antinomic with the band initial project. Here they are 7 on stage (2 guitars, 1 bass, 1 keyboard, 1 percussion, 1 drummer and SH) and sometimes sound as a cross between Santana and the Traffic of High-heeled boy. Not the funky treatment that would feature on the Face to Face official double live LP one year later but no more the glam-affiliated rock band we loved. This set was released 13 years ago on a double CD with a video CD of the show. Here the audio part. Not the best quality on the earth (could have been remastered but surely too expensive) but a decent one. And Harley's amateurs always appreciate to listen to all the steps of his evolution even to regret it. Enjoy it here.


Nikki Sudden - Live at WFMU on Mike's Show on 20 March 2006 (2006)

Time and mental energy are lacking for posting as often as previously and I fear the frequency of posts will be rather low over the further months. Moreover I feel having posted most of the stuff I wanted to share when creating this blog. Last, the constant menace of my files being removed, my post being shelved and this blog being closed finally lead me to associate this pleasure with threat and there is enough of that in my usual life. Tonight, I post not a rare thing to find, cos' it's available even on the radio that broadcasted this live set (WFMU), but this is such a dramatic testimony (Nikki Sudden would die 6 days later of heart attack) that I can't help to put it on this blog too. I have 2 other live sets from him to post but I need to find the titles of the songs and you'll admit that only complete Sudden followers can guess which song he's singing, they are rather similar (as are Neil Young or J Mascis ones). This recording sees Nikki on acoustic electrified guitar backed by Danny Hole on drums. Not always timed, it's a crude, raw, to the bones document showing that finally Nikki Sudden was the son of the legendary bluesmen. He covers Bolan's "Zipgun Boogie" and since I've always thought that Bolan was also a bluesman, the circle is closed. True that the whole end of the set is rather under Bolan influence. There's unfortunately not the emotional content in the songs he chose for the playlist that there was in some of his other prestations, but his near death of course gives retrospectively to this recording a special dimension. We have all our own Damocles sword bending over our head after a certain age. I did a virtual cover sleeve using 2 pictures from the session. Enjoy it here.


DMCA rides again

Received a DMCA requirement to remove this single. Strange since it was released on a Do It Yourself label. Funny how corporates (don't even know who it is, not any source mentioned, I'd like to know how the fuck they could say this material was theirs) don't help young artists at the beginnings but they don't forget to make money from them when they are over. I'm sure doing more for helping the Only Ones to sell records that would ever do those asking me to remove the link (that I removed).  I don't have many illusions and know that soon this blog won't be able to post anything but while it's possible, let's go on. Note that this single was posted more than 18 months ago.

WTF! I didn't reup on rs the Only Ones singles discography after my mf was removed and nobody left a message to ask me for? But in what troubled world do I live? It's a shame. So here it is, they are all reup and dlable again. The first is this immortal gem but not any Only Ones song is less than to possess. Below what I wrote in the initial post (I don't read it again, I'm always horrified by the mediocrity of my poorly written texts so I spare me some pain for my low-self-esteem).

Here the first post about Peter Perrett, surely one of my fave composer/singer/human being on the music planet (almost the only planet that deserves to be lived on to my eyes). First I'll post the Only Ones singles in their chronological order, then most of what he did after the band broke. I don't think it's any use to make a presentation of the band. If you want to know more, there's plenty of sites (even wikipedia) to inform you. For us, in 1977, it was the only band able to maintain what we still loved in the seventies and what we had learned to love in punk and new wave. It was as if Dylan, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Ian Hunter had regenerated in a fragile elf backed with one of the strongest band of all times. It was anachronical in 1977 because it was untemporal. This first single was released on a label created for the occasion with a surrealistic (but punk) cover sleeve and featured two extraordinary songs. It's difficult to imagine the band was created some weeks before rather artificially by Peter Perrett with 3 musicians from various horizons (imagine that the drummer, Mike Kellie, had been in Spooky Tooth from 1967 to 1974, not a newcomer actually) and that they had never played together previously. Such an alchemy is usually more frequent in love stories than in rock music. Released in June 1977, I bought it immediately and was rather shocked that it wasn't more noticed by my pals. But soon they would be more, much more. Meanwhile, here's their first gift, one of the strongest thing (with the Saints) 1977 gave us. Enjoy it here. 


Ishmael - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here (2012)

I decided to stop separating doom - sludge - noises new releases from oldies. When mf closed my account last July (due to a complaint of At A Loss Records, "go to hell bitch" would say Jesse Pinkman), I spread my two passions on different blogs, posting doom - sludge - noise on Dim Damn Doom (here) but without posting free dl anymore. It's true that it is not very consistent to support bands in providing their stuff for free. I usually encouraged visitors to buy the music afterwards, but I fear few were doing it. So, on DDD I only included the bandcamp or soundcloud link. But DDD has very few visitors, I posted only rarely (not so much bands in these genres I find interesting compared to previous years). And last, it's a shame to participate to this silly way to listen only to old stuff or new one. In the recent compilation I posted about my best of 2012, it is clear that all was mixed, from the Beach Boys to Sonance and that it was a stupid that FS did not show this mixed approach thoughout the year. Thus, while I'm editing a compilation of all the A and B sides from the Shocking Blue singles (next post I think), I add one of the best 2012 LP, from a UK band, who would have deserved to be in the Top 10 maybe (but I added Huata instead).Described as "Violent, misanthropic doom, blended with sludge and bound with ale - equal parts despair, disillusionment and all-out hatred, steeped in alcohol and thrown to the baying crowd. A sound as relentless as a mammoth trudging towards better lands, as heavy as its mud-encrusted testicles, and so loud that we will shake all the saints and angels down into Hell", I don't think I could add something better as a presentation. It's really heavy as human condition throughout this world of desolation, exploitation and humiliation. And yes, this incredible guttural voice comes from the throat of a woman (but if you know the genre, you won't be surprised, there have been others in the past). So listen to their bandcamp link below and buy the limited edition digi-pack before there are no more. Note that this album featured in several Best of 2012 lists. Yes I'm a fucking asshole, it should have been on mine.