Ishmael - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here (2012)

I decided to stop separating doom - sludge - noises new releases from oldies. When mf closed my account last July (due to a complaint of At A Loss Records, "go to hell bitch" would say Jesse Pinkman), I spread my two passions on different blogs, posting doom - sludge - noise on Dim Damn Doom (here) but without posting free dl anymore. It's true that it is not very consistent to support bands in providing their stuff for free. I usually encouraged visitors to buy the music afterwards, but I fear few were doing it. So, on DDD I only included the bandcamp or soundcloud link. But DDD has very few visitors, I posted only rarely (not so much bands in these genres I find interesting compared to previous years). And last, it's a shame to participate to this silly way to listen only to old stuff or new one. In the recent compilation I posted about my best of 2012, it is clear that all was mixed, from the Beach Boys to Sonance and that it was a stupid that FS did not show this mixed approach thoughout the year. Thus, while I'm editing a compilation of all the A and B sides from the Shocking Blue singles (next post I think), I add one of the best 2012 LP, from a UK band, who would have deserved to be in the Top 10 maybe (but I added Huata instead).Described as "Violent, misanthropic doom, blended with sludge and bound with ale - equal parts despair, disillusionment and all-out hatred, steeped in alcohol and thrown to the baying crowd. A sound as relentless as a mammoth trudging towards better lands, as heavy as its mud-encrusted testicles, and so loud that we will shake all the saints and angels down into Hell", I don't think I could add something better as a presentation. It's really heavy as human condition throughout this world of desolation, exploitation and humiliation. And yes, this incredible guttural voice comes from the throat of a woman (but if you know the genre, you won't be surprised, there have been others in the past). So listen to their bandcamp link below and buy the limited edition digi-pack before there are no more. Note that this album featured in several Best of 2012 lists. Yes I'm a fucking asshole, it should have been on mine.

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