Nikki Sudden - Live at WFMU on Mike's Show on 20 March 2006 (2006)

Time and mental energy are lacking for posting as often as previously and I fear the frequency of posts will be rather low over the further months. Moreover I feel having posted most of the stuff I wanted to share when creating this blog. Last, the constant menace of my files being removed, my post being shelved and this blog being closed finally lead me to associate this pleasure with threat and there is enough of that in my usual life. Tonight, I post not a rare thing to find, cos' it's available even on the radio that broadcasted this live set (WFMU), but this is such a dramatic testimony (Nikki Sudden would die 6 days later of heart attack) that I can't help to put it on this blog too. I have 2 other live sets from him to post but I need to find the titles of the songs and you'll admit that only complete Sudden followers can guess which song he's singing, they are rather similar (as are Neil Young or J Mascis ones). This recording sees Nikki on acoustic electrified guitar backed by Danny Hole on drums. Not always timed, it's a crude, raw, to the bones document showing that finally Nikki Sudden was the son of the legendary bluesmen. He covers Bolan's "Zipgun Boogie" and since I've always thought that Bolan was also a bluesman, the circle is closed. True that the whole end of the set is rather under Bolan influence. There's unfortunately not the emotional content in the songs he chose for the playlist that there was in some of his other prestations, but his near death of course gives retrospectively to this recording a special dimension. We have all our own Damocles sword bending over our head after a certain age. I did a virtual cover sleeve using 2 pictures from the session. Enjoy it here.


deruf said...

Let me be the first one to say "THANK YOU"
deruf (Munich)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these shows, only just found Nikki's music but enjoying it better late than never. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for sharing these special Nikki GIG.
Mucch appreciated.
Cheers Orvar66...From the Chatterbox forum.