Shocking Blue - Singles A & B sides (1968 - 74)

 I reup this compilation because I added "Mighty Joe" and "Wild Wind" to the file that I had omitted in the first one. So if you caught the previous version, dl the new one. Thx to Dr Fu Man Chu for noticing this omission.

I won't say much about this Dutch band since I posted previously all these singles (the period Mariska Veres and Robbie van Leeuwen were together in the band) on Forgotten Songs (here). If I gather all these singles on one compilation is that I know many of you love to have them all pooled on one support. But for details and cover sleeves, go to the individual posts. I've always loved this band (and was even a little bit in love with Mariska when I was 11). I was a little disappointed recently, discovering that their "Venus" was an old American trad rip off ("Oh Susanna"). It seems everybody knew it but me, that relativized my so-called musical erudition. But this band was not a one-hit one contrary to the usual idea, and I recommend to buy everything they recorded and released over this 6-yr long timespan. Of course, it's not a major band, but there's a special charm I never founded anywhere else. Note that for me, The Devil's Blood (also Dutch) are some kind of Gothic/Doom Shocking Blue. I did the cover from an image done by a Shocking Blue fan but I forgot his name. Sorry if he sees his work used. Hope he'll forgive me. Or I'll change it. Enjoy this treasure here. Below a splendid youtube compilation (actually, these clips are most of the time ridiculously bad but we can see Mariska) of some of their hits.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the good music, but this time the RS link is not working.

dkelvin said...

That's been fixed

Tor Hershman said...

[____]---{ Freak Out }

dkelvin said...

Thx for your comment. This band deserves some reminding on this blog
The next thing will be a live set I think

Dr. Fu Man Chu said...

A real good idea to put all their singles in one place, but ....... just because I'm curious ....... any particular reason, why Mighty Joe/Wild Wind is missing?

dkelvin said...

Because I'm an asshole and I forgot to include it. I'll fix it tonight. Thx for made me aware of this omission

Dr. Fu Man Chu said...

Well, well, well, I think it takes more than forgetting something to be an asshole. ;-) I am rather more "afraid" of the fact, that nobody (but me) seems to have noticed, that something's missing. But that will remain one of the great mysteries to me, also on my own blog, and I heard of similar goings-on from other bloggers, too.

dkelvin said...

Of course. Since I'm French I think I used the term like in France we say "je suis con" when we forgot to do something (more like I'm dumb surely). True that it's always good to have visitors who inform you about errors. So I'm currently adding the two missing tracks and will upload them in some minutes. Thx again and enjoy.

Johan said...

Are these tracks actually ripped from the original vinyl singles? I am surprised at the lack of noise, clicks or other vinyl artefacts. Thanks in any case.

musicyoucan said...

The Rapidshare link is inoperant.
Can you re-upload it ?