Strawbs - The Deadlines Dublin Sessions fake EP (1977)

Before another live set (never posted before on FS) here a re-up of the Dublin sessions where 3 songs were recorded for the Deadlines album but unfortunately remixed and badly re-arranged. Not cream of the cream in Strawbs career but anyway 3 nice additions to any collection of their work, and any new version of Deadly Nightshade is crucial to listen to. Catch it here.

I think many Strawbs fans would agree that Deadlines was really badly produced, full of Jeffrey Lesser bad habits, mixed with awful sound options of the late seventies. Except for the last 2 tracks, it was often ruined by production. So it was a real pleasure to have 3 tracks from the Dublin sessions not featuring the Utopia studios sound and only the original mixes, much more in the traditional band vein. Although "No Return" is (for me) a very weak song and "Joey And Me" not a seminal one, it's good to hear them without the ugly sound decoration of the final product. And there's "Deadly Nightshade", one of the highlight of Cousins and Strawbs career. These were on the reissue of Deadlines. I encourage to buy it but if you can't afford, here are 3 tracks under a fake EP with do-it-myself cover sleeve (from a young guy called Ruberman Rodriguez, his deviantArt page here).

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