Madness - Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da Live on the UK Arena Tour (2012)

Yesterday the word was Sadness when I arrived at the Trianon for the band concert. I should have been with my son but he finally declined to come and to be here alone made me jumped in a sea of... sadness actually. Did the band was able to change the "s" in "m"? Only partially. My life is so tightly linked with the songs of this incredibly underrated band (actually in France where they are too much considered as an entertainment and dance burlesque ensemble) that often the thrill to hear the melodies and orchestrations (always perfectly played, and I saw them 3 time over the last 4 years) was mixed with some nostalgia and awful feeling of all these years passed by and things irremediably lost. So here, this free downloadable testimony the band has generously (a word that suits them perfectly) provided last christmas. It shows that they are not living on their past but always creating (even if their last album doesn't reach the genius of the the fantastic Liberty of Norton Folgate). Enjoy it here. Below a picture from last evening show at the Trianon and more here.


Alternative TV / Nikki Sudden / Jowe Head - The Tribute to Kevin Coyne fake EP (2007)

Another re-up allowing to salute in the same post 3 of my heroes: Nikki Sudden, Mark Perry and Kevin Coyne (let's add Jowe Head). Another of my mf deleted files I discovered I forgot to re-u on rs and nobody asked for. Sad actually. Except if everybody bought the album but I have doubts. So here it is again.  Can't realize this post was done exactly 2 years ago. Time is like wind and takes our lives away as straw sticks it's terrible.

Since I try to post all the Alternative TV rarities, it was unavoidable that I post the Mark Perry's cover of a very rare Kevin Coyne song called "Hello Judas". It's the occasion to talk about Kevin Coyne just to say that he's one of my fave artists since 1973 and that I'll someday post his singles discography for sure. Here, the ATV song is driven from a 22 + 2 song compilations called Whispers From The Offing (with an awfully unrelevant cover sleeve and many many weak versions of rather unknown singers, an exception for the splendid version of "Case History n°2" by Pascal Regis that I could have included in this fake EP but I was not sure he would agree). Cos' it seems that the musical heritage of Kevin Coyne is kept by his fans and family as a private treasure, see the recent text of his son who ask us not to illegally dl the scandalous reissue of the Kevin Coyne's Virgin back catalogue only in non remastered MP3 version. They should have refused to give their agreement to such a bastard way to consider music lovers as paying pigs. Esoteric is said to release it in solid form (CD) soon. It's better to wait and to dl it without giving your money to Virgin that will be encouraged otherwise to do the same with their other artists. You can buy the Whipers of the Offing if you want, it's not a Virgin product, and benefits go to a charity institution. But here I made an EP with the 3 artists that many of us sure appreciated the most in the whole bunch. If the Nikki Sudden rendition of "Marlene" is quite common and predictible, the Alternative TV and the Jower Head covers areof first quality. The cover sleeve was created with paintings from Kevin Coyne. I can't say I'm very receptive of this naïve art but who care.Sorry for the mistake on the History of Case History)


Crushed Butler - Uncrushed (1969-71)

If there's a band that, next to Third World War and Slade deserves to be recognized as the precursors of late 70's UK pub rock and early punk à-la Sham 69 or Menace, it's Crushed Butler (even if punks probably never heard of them). But there was a hard rock dimension to their music that lacked to the laters. Inexplicably, they never released anything during their short-lived career (but there are other great bands who never did too, showing that this period was not the golden one so many of my generation would like to convince youngster it was) before mutating their name in Tiger without more success. It's raw and rough and dirty and down-to-earth, it's seminal and tribal, it's rock as it was supposed to be when considered as a fist in the face of mainstream and normality. This compiled LP has just been re-released on Die Luxus in 10 inch vinyl format and should be possessed. Just listen to "Love Fighter", somewhere between Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin and tell me whether it was possible to live without it. Hector and Butler later formed the Hammersmith Gorillas. Daryl Read (the drummer) did a solo life (also working with Ray Manzarek) and is always on the edge and all info can be found here or there. Enjoy this gem here.