Madness - Oui Oui Si Si Ja Ja Da Da Live on the UK Arena Tour (2012)

Yesterday the word was Sadness when I arrived at the Trianon for the band concert. I should have been with my son but he finally declined to come and to be here alone made me jumped in a sea of... sadness actually. Did the band was able to change the "s" in "m"? Only partially. My life is so tightly linked with the songs of this incredibly underrated band (actually in France where they are too much considered as an entertainment and dance burlesque ensemble) that often the thrill to hear the melodies and orchestrations (always perfectly played, and I saw them 3 time over the last 4 years) was mixed with some nostalgia and awful feeling of all these years passed by and things irremediably lost. So here, this free downloadable testimony the band has generously (a word that suits them perfectly) provided last christmas. It shows that they are not living on their past but always creating (even if their last album doesn't reach the genius of the the fantastic Liberty of Norton Folgate). Enjoy it here. Below a picture from last evening show at the Trianon and more here.

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