Procol Harum - Live on KZEW Dallas (1974)

Here is the second live set (actually a radio show) from Procol Harum (great period, with the band in its best formation). All info below in the text written for the first post some years ago (I was young and innocent... not actually I was old yet).

Sometimes I wonder if recording in a perfect quality all the concerts Procol Harum played between 1968 and 1977 would not have been necessary. And to release them afterwards in a voluminous boxset one of the best historical achievement in rock music. Because in each show during this fabulous decade, the band seemed to re-invent itself and proposed something different, very slight mood changes that could completely modify the way we heard and felt the songs. Here the band is in its dynamic mood, which was often the case when he played for radio or TV (later I'll post a Danish TV show which was similarly tonic). Recorded on the 4th of July in a Dallas radio (KZEW), it's not a very rare testimony, often bootlegged, but anyway, the sound is very good and some of you may ignore the existence of this recording. I've created a cover sleeve for it, once again with a Jakob Bogdani painting (the painter they used for the Exotic Birds and Fruits album, released that same year and from which they take many of the setlist songs). Once again, it's an opportunity to hear what a fantastic drummer was BJ Wilson. May he never be forgotten even when people from my generation who had the privilege to seem him play live will be dead.


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Love the concept of your blog - very funny, too! My blog pales compares to yours, but feel free to check it out anyway:



Chris Richardson

Anonymous said...

Once again, thank you for this PH concert. Love them all and they are all interestingly different indeed.

Derek from Paris,

JKMAN said...

Thanks for this. Just read Ghosts of Whiter Shade of Pale and was jonesing for some live stuff.

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Would love to get this show but the links are dead, any chance of a repost?

Thanks for your help.


dkelvin said...

Link fixed on M
Keep on asking, it helps me to "priorize"