Procol Harum - TV Danish (1974)

On the re-up front, Procol Harum seems to be a winner. Requested twice, here is the first. Probably useless to add anything to the post below. PH was and remains one of my top bands any period and one of the only I dig any concert I can find. Here it is.

A week I had not posted. I fear it will be more and more this way. Not that I don't have anything new (actually old) to post, not that I'm becoming bored with the fastidious process of ripping records, formating the MP3, doing the cover sleeve, uploading the whole and creating a post (actually it bores me a bit I must admit), but the main reason is growing professional stuff on my shoulders. I should be happy to have a job, many in my age range are jobless and life has been rather kind with me, with my small capacities I could have had a worst destiny. But you're not there to read about my uninteresting life (and what is left of it). Here the promised Procol Harum post from the Danish TV show captured in November 1974, 4 months after the Dallas radio show previously phere). Here we find the band in a stunning form. Actually, I think 1974 was THE year for PH. There was a sort of exhilaration in their way to play, and Gary Brooker wording during the instrumental parts was particularily jubilatory. And BJ Wilson was THE boss but this you all knew already. Added on the CD reissue of the Hollywood Bowl show and on the DVD version of 2006 Danish show with orchestra, but not on the CD. And below some videos from the TV show found on youtube. The cover sleeve was again taken from a Masaki Yada painting, whose universe fits well with PH one (at least for me).


Anonymous said...

You'll make of me a total Procol Harum freak. I spent the week-end listening to all the PH boots you already provided, and now here's a new one.

Thanks for sharing this passion,

Derek from Paris,

Paul Lockswood said...


Would love to get this show but the links are dead, any chance of a repost?

Thanks for your help.