Procol Harum - Welcome At The Grand Hotel / Live At The Hollywood Bowl (1973)

Second re-up for tonight. One of the many highlights of the band. If you want to hear a proof that this association can lead to something else than embarrassing failure, listen to this here.

This is an upload of the same concert than previously posted here under the name of Delicado, which is the famous symphonic show at the Hollywood Bowl of Los Angeles with the LA Philharmonic and the Roger Wake Chorale. The difference is the much improved sound on this version, not far to be equivalent to an official release. And since the setlist and the playings are still better than with the Edmonton Orchestra 2 years before (that gave the still more famous official live LP), it's not far to be one of the best LP ever released in history, even if non officially. Note that there is a mystery which is the usual mistake done about the date of the show, often said to be on the 4th of August when it was on the 21st of September. I did the mistake on my Delicado's post (but the mistake is on the cover too) but I'll change it right after this one. If I called the show and the LP Welcome In The Grand Hotel, it's because it was the poster announcement for the further shows (the one I created the cover sleeve with) and that it's true that 4 of the songs are from Grand Hotel which had been released 6 months earlier. The title suits after all quite perfectly to the general atmosphere of this incredible performance in which  BJ Wilson and Mick Grabham are particularly brilliant. Note that this version has been released last year on CD (actually a bootleg) by a French label called On the air. I would like to deeply thank Jean Marc Devaux, leader, singer, guitarist and composer of the band Astral Quest (see here, notably for his superb version of Procol's "Long Gone Geek", and more to come) to have sent it to me. Pictures of the show come from here. Below I selected 4 songs for the  streaming sample (I'm too generous with you, you should dl it without even listening to it beforehand).


ms. xtro said...

thanks so much for this procol harum concert. i'm a huge fan of procol, and there is a special energy to their shows with orchestras, i believe, and this is one i've never heard. greatly looking forward to it.
belatedly, since i just discovered your blog, thanks also for all the mott and ian hunter. like procol, under-appreciated and great. cheers!

Anonymous said...

With eyes shut down,
I'm dowloading this music,
A previous version I have,
An upgraded quality
is deeply appreciated.


With thanks,

Derek from Paris,

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