Television Personalities - My New Tattoo / Funny He Never Married 7" (2009)

I go on with the re-ups of the TVP singles released between 2006 and 2011. You can find some details about this one below. Catch it here.

I forgot to specify that the 2 previous TVP singles ("Good Anarchist" and "People Think That We Are Strange") were released in Spain whereas this one (in May 2009) was a US release. Not sure it was possible that this psyche-cosmic song with not really serious lyrics (I sincerely hope you'll like my new tattoo) could have made it there but after all it was Dan Treacy and anything from him was better than nothing or most thing from other ones. Although the single featured the Edit version, I don't like to put cut versions of songs so I enclosed the complete version (7 min long in the file). Unfortunately the B-side was not the occasion to have a non-LP track since "Funny He Never Married" would be on A Memory Is Better Than Nothing LP the following year. But this song is such a wonderful moment of emotion that nobody would mind, somewhere between Robert Wyatt, J. Mascis and Neil Young, but totally Dan Treacy, with this childlike way to approach melodies that has never been reached by anyone else. Since I decided to post all the singles and EPs from the first decade of 2000, it's a good opportunity to put some light on this forgotten treasure.


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geololo said...

Salut DKelin,

certes, oui, pas une grande chanson des TVP, mais j'aime bien ce côté "sale gosse" dans la voix et le minimalisme... Et ce style franchement TVP, quand ils se foulent pas trop. La culture du 7'', en somme...Merci d'avoir relis en ligne ce 45t, en tout cas! Et merci aussi pour tous les autres 45t des TVP!