Television Personalities - People Think That We're Strange / A Glimpse Of My Genius 7" (2009)

Re-up of this 3rd TVP singles of the 2006-11 era. Not calibrated to be a hit for sure but none of TVP singles really were. Not found any good version on Youtube so I leave you discovering the music in dl it here. More to come.

In April 2009, more than one year after the "Good Anarchist" single, a new Television Personalities appeared (on the same label) with two completely different songs on each side. On the A-side an intimate and nursery-like song Dan Treacy is so good at, and on the B-side the more psyche-chaotic side of his personality. Both are loveable of course. The A-side would be later included on the A Memory Is Better Than Nothing LP next year (not sure whether the version is completely the same actually) whereas the B-side would remain only available on this single. Let's go on in the unfortunately less prolific TVP production of this decade.


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