Television Personalities - You're My Yoko / The Girl From Nowhere 7" (2009)

Fifth single of the 2006-11 era, the A-side is a wonderful song, showing how much Dan Treacy had still to offer. The B-side is not on the LP. Catch it here.

Last official single released by Dan Treacy, 4 years ago, the A-side, with it's weird reference to Yoko Ono (surely for the pleasure of playing with "Oh no") would be on A Memory Is Better Than Nothing the next year but under the name of "She's My Yoko". Actually, I'm not sure it's completely the same version so I was careful to put the single source. On the B-side, the Velvetian "Girl From Nowhere" seems like a swansong in which Dan Treacy disappears forever, caring no more how he sings and what the fuck is going on, like in our last moments when we think "oh let it go". The instrumental final with oboe is really gorgeous. Music should always be like this or not be.


Anonymous said...

I Think the Single with the "Radiohead Song " B-Side is the Last.Am I wrong??

dkelvin said...

Yes you're right, the "Wonder What It Was/Radiohead song" single is the last.Only released in Formosa, I didn't consider it an official release but after all who cares. I don't have it so I'll try to grab it cos' I would like to gather them all on a compilation.

geololo said...

What a nice single. Everything of TVP "know how" is here!