Procol Harum - As Strong As Samson / The Unquiet Zone 7" (1975)

Strange single actually. First because it was released after their album Ninth whilst recorded for their previous one, one year earlier (i.e., Exotic Birds And Fruits). Strange too because they had already issued in single one song from Ninth ("Pandora's Box"), with a rather public success (n°16 in UK, their highest position since "Conquistador" live orchestra version in 1972), and since the album (a rather weak one) was more commercial-inclined than the previous one, one would have expected the next single to be extracted from it. But someone (who?) decided to release as A-side of the new single a rearranged version of the strong "As Strong As Samson". Unfortunately, this version, with a dispensable slide guitar on it, was certainly doomed to pass unoticed in 1975 (prog, disco and soul-rock are here for 2 years). Anyway, this is interesting to post it, often the LP version being wrongly substituted to this one. Moreover, I added another alternate version (slower, longer, with the slide guitar but in another key) that was added as a bonus track of the Salvo reissue of Exotic Birds And Fruits in 2009. On the B-side, "The Unquiet Zone" version is the same than on Ninth I never liked the production work of Leiber and Stoller and they ruined what could have been a far better song in Chris Thomas hands. Meanwhile, enjoy this interesting document here. PS. Of course I am the one to blame for this cover sleeve (don't even know the name of the painter...).


Robyn Hitchcock - Harry's Song / My Rain fake 7" (2013)

Long time I didn't create a fake single with 2 songs from a newly released LP (and often it was with Robyn Hitchcock too) but here I feel the need to do it since if times were not so rottenly tasteless and music business so stinky, it would be an evidence to issue "Harry's Song" on the A-side of a single (and the great "My Rain" as a perfect B-side). So, approaching to the last part of my life (and maybe more if a damn fatal disease will precipitate my extinction), having failed in almost all the domains of life, it seems for me one of my rare left mission to do this. Modest for sure but better than nothing. Don't forget Robyn Hitchcock has a new LP out called "Love From London" and that it is an excellent album. Even if it was not that good it would be a mandatory acquisition since earing a new record from him is like reading the new volume of a diary published in book of one beloved author. Enjoy this gem here.


The Unthanks - Starless And Bible Black / No One Knows I'm Gone fake 7" (2011)

I re-uped this one yesterday after a visitor told me the link was deleted. Don't know if this was deleted by rs by demand or not (I forgot to read the message...). If you're interested, try not to wait too long. It could be deleted again soon. Note that the Unthanks are releasing a Live LP of their recent Songs from the Shipyards Trilogy. Surely great but for me this cover of the king Crimson classic is their masterpiece. Below what I wrote in the initial post (exactly 2 years ago, God this is crazy, death is coming at fast speed, give me my bible black that I can pray for mercy in this starless night).

The last (it's actually it's name) album from The Unthanks will surely be my album of the year. I listen to it for more than 2 months now, and I seriously doubt there will be something that will move me more till December. The previous one was quite a success but this is a total masterpiece, maybe the album that succeeds to give a successor to the Robert Wyatt cult Rock Bottom LP (not yesterday as you know). Interestingly, the Unthanks sisters had done a cover of "Soup Song" from this album, but here it's a similar climax over a whole LP. Not a weak note in it, and some moments you feel you hear something that few were able to reach. So is their cover of King Crimson's "Starless & Bible Black" (the real title, that KC didn't use cos' the previous LP wore this name). I am quite an amateur of trumpets in rock (see recently the superb Foxhole album I posted on this blog here), but here it's like this intrument was directely connected to my spinal chord and makes me shivering like a child naked in the snow (and of course without his mum). I think John Wetton, the happy father of this song, must be proud to hear it sung and played this way. This is why I did this fake 7" with a Tom Waits song on B-side (No One Knows I'm Gone" from Alice LP), another excellent rendition. But honestly, it's just for a taste and buy cos' I wonder how it's possible not to get this album this year. I took a picture from privatedanser to do the cover sleeve, the same who did the picture I took for the Back Street Crawler live LP here. Meanwhile enj..., shiver it here.

Starless & Bible Black. Sundown dazzling day gold through my eyes but my eyes turned within only see starless and bible black old friend charity cruel twisted smile and the smile signals emptiness for me starless and bible black ice blue silver sky fades into grey to a grey hope that oh years to be starless and bible black


And 25 years later, it finally was it.

Unfortunately, she had a prolific descendance, and the guillotine that beheaded our king, could be useful for all the Thatcher's today political bastards who put Europe in this mess.