Melanie - An evening at the Paris Theatre (1975)

To begin this new year, I chose to re-up this live recording captured 40 years ago although incredible it may seem to people of my generation that one day they should write that someting they lived occurred such a long time ago. Some of you ask me to re-up all Melanie stuff but as I said previously, it takes me now quite a time to up with "my much slower than it used to be" connexion and moreover I prefer put the light again on each material I re-up with a fresh new post. So, here this live set, not as good as the fantastic Central Park one played one year before and that you can dl here, but anyway it's Melanie and it will sure find a way in you a day or another, as id did for me tonight. Catch it here.

This is the 31st post about Melanie. You wouldn't believe if I said I'm not a Melanie-addict. Actually I can't say I am. It's by periods. Recently I had lost the need to listen to her. But finding 3 bonus songs from this Paris Theatre set recorded for the BBC on 6 November 1975 reactivated my will to have her music with me again. I say bonus songs since 10 from this concert had been released in 1997 by Strange Fruit label on the BBC series sporadic editing. But a bootleg with a perfect sound added 3 songs played at the same set and therefore here a13 song-setlist to listen to. Note that this concert was recorded on the same month that the Musikladen one (here). Never Melanie would be more folkish and intimist than in this concert. Gone is the European Eastern flavor, here it's pure American folk music. Moreover gone is the little girl in a woman body that seems to be her trademark. She's a mother and more a priestess than anything else. At the time, it was quite a suicidal evolution, but today, it's a passionating testimony of one of her constant changing mood. Another interesting information is the setlist. It's clear than in 1975, she's not yet the Woodstock lady having to sing her old successes to the audience, and that she was still able to present her current work, although she gives reworked versions of some of her older songs (notably "The Nickel Song", totally transformed in a folk declamative song). There are some highlights ("Here We Go Again", "Leftover Wine" and "Pretty Little Baby", all in streaming below) but I think every Melanie fan would have his/her own list. The fact there was a second guitarist gives the songs a much richer musical box than when she's alone. I created (what a surprise) a new cover sleeve. Not bad I have the weakness to think.

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Harry said...

Many, many thanks! A wonderful way to ring in the New Year. Best wishes to you!