Nikki Sudden - Gold Painted Nails (Vocals) / Missionary Boy (Nikki Sudden Vocals) fake 7" (1983)

This is a fake one (see below, I explain the reasons I did it) but it fits well with this single series (more to come). In brief, this is a couple of different vocal versions of the album (Bible Belt) versions. Can be found in the "Secretly Canadian" re-issue of Bible Belt (coupled with Waiting On Egypt) or in The Boy From Nowhere boxset. Catch it here.

I had not created a fake single for quite a long time now. But I felt the need to do it with these 2 songs recorded during the Bible Belt sessions by Nikki Sudden and his enlarged band of mates for several reasons. First, cos' it was a strange idea to open the album with the instrumental version of "Gold Painted Nails" when it was clearly a good vocal song to open an LP with, and also a good candidate for an A-side single. So I did it. Next, because, even if the "Missionary Boy" version of Bible Belt sung by Lizard was good, it would have been more logical to put the version Nikki Sudden sang. Since reading the liner notes of the Strictly Canadian Bible Belt reissue, it seems he was sure it would be a hit, it's justice to put it on a single (what he omitted to do, an important point to make a song a hit). So here's a nice duo (from this reissue), closing the first solo period of Nikki Sudden. Afterwards, he would share partnerhip with Dave Kusworth in The Jacobites. Great too but never again we will hear from him this innocence and spontaneity. To do the cover sleeve, I used a picture from Kendra Nanayuki (her deviantArt gallery here) who is creating 3D nail art. I'm sure he would have liked it (at least I hope he would).

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