Procol Harum - As Strong As Samson / The Unquiet Zone 7" (1975)

Strange single actually. First because it was released after their album Ninth whilst recorded for their previous one, one year earlier (i.e., Exotic Birds And Fruits). Strange too because they had already issued in single one song from Ninth ("Pandora's Box"), with a rather public success (n°16 in UK, their highest position since "Conquistador" live orchestra version in 1972), and since the album (a rather weak one) was more commercial-inclined than the previous one, one would have expected the next single to be extracted from it. But someone (who?) decided to release as A-side of the new single a rearranged version of the strong "As Strong As Samson". Unfortunately, this version, with a dispensable slide guitar on it, was certainly doomed to pass unoticed in 1975 (prog, disco and soul-rock are here for 2 years). Anyway, this is interesting to post it, often the LP version being wrongly substituted to this one. Moreover, I added another alternate version (slower, longer, with the slide guitar but in another key) that was added as a bonus track of the Salvo reissue of Exotic Birds And Fruits in 2009. On the B-side, "The Unquiet Zone" version is the same than on Ninth I never liked the production work of Leiber and Stoller and they ruined what could have been a far better song in Chris Thomas hands. Meanwhile, enjoy this interesting document here. PS. Of course I am the one to blame for this cover sleeve (don't even know the name of the painter...).

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thanks very good 7'' exellent !!