Robyn Hitchcock - Harry's Song / My Rain fake 7" (2013)

Long time I didn't create a fake single with 2 songs from a newly released LP (and often it was with Robyn Hitchcock too) but here I feel the need to do it since if times were not so rottenly tasteless and music business so stinky, it would be an evidence to issue "Harry's Song" on the A-side of a single (and the great "My Rain" as a perfect B-side). So, approaching to the last part of my life (and maybe more if a damn fatal disease will precipitate my extinction), having failed in almost all the domains of life, it seems for me one of my rare left mission to do this. Modest for sure but better than nothing. Don't forget Robyn Hitchcock has a new LP out called "Love From London" and that it is an excellent album. Even if it was not that good it would be a mandatory acquisition since earing a new record from him is like reading the new volume of a diary published in book of one beloved author. Enjoy this gem here.

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