Television Personalities - Wonder What It Was / Radiohead Song 7" (2011)

As I wrote in the original post, this is the last TVP single till today and surely forever but who knows. This one closes the series of the singles issued during the 2006-11 era. Catch this one here. As you know, you can find them all gathered on a compilation I made there.

This is THE last Television Personalities single. A visitor was true when he corrected me after I wrote it was  "You're My Yoko". Actually, it's not clear whether it's an official one (only released in Formosa, with 2 songs recorded during the Memory sessions) but after all in the 90's there were also semi-official singles considered now as historically equivalent to the official ones. On side-A, it's a demo version of  "Walk Towards The Light" (the 4th song on Memory LP). Dan Treacy is alone on guitar. Moving, intimate, everything we love in this artist. On side-B it's a very good instrumental that deserved to be released. I bought the single very recently. It's not the one above, mine in number 554. I tried to capture the A-side with the best possible quality. The B-side was found on the net.

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Thanx for this."The Vistor"