Melanie - Sunset And Other Beginnings (1975)

Another reup (no much time nor energy to post these days, sorry). A not really prime Melanie LP but the link was still on defunct mf account so now it's fixed on rs. As usual, what I wrote in the initial post, even if Melaniemaniacs (there are some) have found it offensive.

1972-1975 is not a good period for Melanie musically. She seemed much more concerned by her children than by songwriting and recording and the 4 albums she would release are among her most uneven, this one being one of the weakest (and the cover sleeve quite ugly). The worst in it are the musical arrangements, with this fake funky flavour that ruined some of the best attempts. And when songs are ballads, there is a pathos in the vocals and sound that destroy the emotion. If I post it, it's because this album is no more available on CD (and never has been really easy to find) and because many versions found on the net are the US and not the UK version, the latter including a reworked version of "Ol Man River" which is finally one of the best thing of the whole playlist. Other good songs are "Perceive It", the cover of "I Got My Mojo Working" (second track on the US version, seven on the UK version, don't take the sleeve below for reference, it doesn't respect the original UK order of the playlist) and "Where's The Band". Not a lot considering there are 13 songs. Sad to say that (and maybe Melanie's fans will disagree but there is nothing more boring than fans), but it's a rather dispendable album. The poor rework of "You Can't Hurry Love" has nothing to do in Melanie's repertoire and was a failure in single. And the version of "Almost Like Beign In Love" failed too to make any impact although she appeared in some TV shows (see below). Since I'm here to provide a wide view of the artistic life of this great lady, there is no way I would miss to post it. Importantly, all the songs of the US LP were taken from CD version in 320 kb so nothing to do with lo-qual sources that you can find here and there on the net. Enjoy it here.


Melvins - Hooch EP (1993)

This is the first single The Melvins released after being signed by Atlantic (on the recommandation of Kurt Cobain). For Melvins fans (I was), it was therefore the follow-up to "Nightgoat". Actually, the version I post here is not the single 2-song version released in the US but a CD 4-song version released in Australia. Instead of the album-featured "Sky Pup", the EP consists in a cover of the MC5 ("Rocket Reducer"), of the Germs ("Lexicon Devil") and a live captured version of "It's Shoved" (from a February 1993 concert). Not seminal but rare enough to deserve attention from FS. "Hooch" was associated with a video clip (see below, full of X-ray images of Buzz singing) and was far from being the hit Atlantic surely was expected (naive they were, "Hey, it was the Melvins"). Sorry for my present Melvinomania, but I can't listen to anything else for the last 2 weeks, so the blog mirrors this obsession. More to come from these gigantic monster of heavyness that deserved to be on Atlantic. Enjoy it here. PS. Note that the 3 EP bonus songs would be included the next year on a promo EP with "Lizzy" in main song (same version than on Houdini).