Melvins - Eggnog EP (1991)

When I begin to listen to the Melvins it's hard to stop. So here's another re-up. And another essential piece of their long and complex discography. But it belongs to the classic period. So catch it again here. It's pure aural pleasure (pain for some but they're not from our species).

Another one, played yesterday evening in Paris. Released after the Bullhead LP (and just before the 3 Kiss-like cover solo EPs), this one consists in 4 songs, 3 rather punky and short, and the fabulously heavy "Charmicarmicat", a sort of pre-Lysol demo in which drone, doom and sludge meet for the best. There are so many bands in the last 20 years that should pay credit to this song that it can be considered as foundations. More to come from the rather complex Melvins 7" and EP discography. Meanwhile, blow your last neurons with this one.

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thedavil Man said...

I've been a Melvins die hard fan for 20+ years now and I still listen to all their stuff on daily basis.. funny how I was just craving some "Eggnog" the same week your posted this...very cool and many thanks!..Just don't tell anyone I didn't have this album 20 years ago!