Melvins - Hooch EP (1993)

This is the first single The Melvins released after being signed by Atlantic (on the recommandation of Kurt Cobain). For Melvins fans (I was), it was therefore the follow-up to "Nightgoat". Actually, the version I post here is not the single 2-song version released in the US but a CD 4-song version released in Australia. Instead of the album-featured "Sky Pup", the EP consists in a cover of the MC5 ("Rocket Reducer"), of the Germs ("Lexicon Devil") and a live captured version of "It's Shoved" (from a February 1993 concert). Not seminal but rare enough to deserve attention from FS. "Hooch" was associated with a video clip (see below, full of X-ray images of Buzz singing) and was far from being the hit Atlantic surely was expected (naive they were, "Hey, it was the Melvins"). Sorry for my present Melvinomania, but I can't listen to anything else for the last 2 weeks, so the blog mirrors this obsession. More to come from these gigantic monster of heavyness that deserved to be on Atlantic. Enjoy it here. PS. Note that the 3 EP bonus songs would be included the next year on a promo EP with "Lizzy" in main song (same version than on Houdini).


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