Television Personalities - Singles 2006-2011

A re-up of another essential collection of songs from the great Dan Treacy released during 5 creative-return-in-full-form years that, unfortunately, stopped with our hero's stroke. It's sad not to have any news from him but I suppose it's better for everyone including him. Let's try to make his music alive in our (h)ear(t)s with this modest do-it-myself compilation. Meanwhile, let's buy the official albums so that he can get the money he deserves for his art. Catch it here.

Like for the 1989-99 decade, I gathered on this compilation all the singles and EPs released by the band (actually Dan Treacy for the most part) between 2006 and 2011 and posted individually on this blog recently. I only omitted the My Dark Places Remixes but maybe I should have added them. Was not sure. Listening to this collection of songs in its continuity is a perfect way to understand what a great singer songwriter is Dan Treacy. Actually much more than a simple fucking singer songwriter, it's, like Pessoa, Bloy or Amielle, a true diary writer putting his fragments of internal states in songs as few others were able to do it. I don't see why add words to that. Let's enjoy the chance to get this 12-load in a once and be prepare for a weird but moving trip in the inner mind of a tortured grown-up boy. PS. I tried to do a cover sleeve respecting the content.


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barbelith said...

Thanks for all of this wonderful TVP stuff.

Really greatly appreciated

Anonymous said...

i would be grateful if you can re-up this fantastic collection


dkelvin said...

OK I'll dot it tonight