Black Sabbath - Live at California Jam (1974)

Another Sabbath show, 18 months earlier (on the 6th of April 1974) than the Asbury Park set, only some weeks after the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath album, in front of one of the largest audience ever seen in rock history. It is said that there were more than 200,000 persons, let's have a look at the picture below. It was a festival located on Ontario Motor Freeway and called California Jam. It's true that the program featured among the most popular bands of the era. Here we are far from the dark and gothic atmosphere but strangely, listened without taking into account this environment, the music keeps all it's venimous and blasphemic power. If Ozzy would have limited his "We love you" and "Clap your hands", the context would have been totally avoided. The set has been filmed and the videos can be seen almost everywhere (see below too for a sample but you can find more on youtube). There were several bootlegs of this show under various names and cover sleeves sometimes totally weird, with Dio on the picture not Ozzy. I chose to do one myself with a drawning from Lovis Corinth. Not the best I did but I didn't find a better idea. I can't say I listened to all the versions released but the ones I heard have very contrasted sound qualities. The one I post is the best I heard. It's in VLC to enhance still a bit the quality compared to the MP3. The tracks are on the same file but it's not a real problem for a live set. The music can thus be appreciated without too much sound quality disagreement. That's the main point. Enjoy it here.

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Todd Gilbert said...

Definitely not the largest audience. Woodstock had 300,000 Wakins Glen had 600,000 to see the Band and the Allman Brothers.