Jack Bruce - Can You Follow? fake EP (1971)

One of the pleasures of this blog is to conceive fake singles or EPs that I would have dreamed some label manager had decided to release. Of course, none of them would have sold but they may have remained as a true piece of seminal vinyl. I also love the idea to build such singles or EPs around one song. This is the case with this Jack Bruce fake EP built around the short intro song of Harmony Row (in case you were not informed, one of the greatest LP in history). Here we have the LP version one followed (can you?) by the first take of the song and the band instrumental version (both on the 2003 reissue of the album). In the middle, the first take of "There's A Forest"(forgot to wrote on the fake back cover sleeve it was the first take but it was). Another piano-only song proving (if there was any need) than Jack Bruce was (is?) one of the greatest melodist and singer any period. The shivers his voice and melodies trigger in my spine are not far from the ones that Robert Wyatt trigger too. Hope this offering will give to some of you the same emotions than to me. The cover sleeve is derived from the inner sleeve picture of Harmony Row. Enjoy it here.

Can You Follow? Hey can you follow, Now that the trace is fainter in the sand Try turning your face to the wall Can you still read me Now that the chase is wilder in your hand Try losing your place in the sun All the praises of the dream turned to tangles in the trees All yesterday's fine chariots turned to buses in the street Can you still hear me Now that the songs are moving into night Try sleeping with the dancers in your room

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