Melvins - With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands / Four Letter Woman / Anal Satan 7" (1990)

Back from a very weak Melvins concert, I re-up this EP from their golden era period. I improved the sound so even if you caught when it was initially posted, you should take it again (I don't earn any money from you dl so it's totally desinterested). Catch it here.

Here's one of 3 rather weird singles released by the band in 1990 (Love Canal/Someday and Your Blessened being the 2 others, soon on this blog in good ripping version) and never re-released, to my knowledge on albums, either compilations, and not even on CD. Weird because released on various lo-fi labels (here Sympathy for the Devil) and often consisting of covers. For this one, here what can be found on wikipedia (when I saw a text was on wikipedia about this single, I began to consider wikipedia was a respectful dictionnary, much better than the traditional paper one in my youth where the Melvins would have even not been included)."With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands is a single by the Melvins from 1990. The title track was a cover of a song by Malfunkshun. Originally Sub Pop was to release the single but would not pay the price the label and the band had both agreed to prior to the recording. The band added an additional track, "Anal Satan", to the B-side where a Jonathan and a Bruce are both denoted as "such a prick" before releasing the single through Sympathy for the Record Industry. There are several different coloured vinyl versions of this 3 track 7". Clear, yellow, red, blue, lavender, pink, grey, solid red swirled and the stock standard black, also two label variations exist where a possibly later pressing uses labels without titles, showing the Sympathy For The Record Industry logo which is pressed on black vinyl. There is also a white sleeve version with standard yellow labels, limited to 30 pressings which was supposedly given out to band members etc". I have always loved this Melvins cover of "With Yo' Heart, Not Yo' Hands" (without having heard the Malfunkshun original one I must say, you can hear it here and it's very good too). It's true it fits perfectly with their style (and they could do it today as well). The 2 songs backside are not uninteresting either, written by the band, even if written is not the perfect word for "Anal Satan" (listen to it and you'll see why). Note that I ripped these ones myself and took them cause they are in much better sound quality restitution than the ones I found on the net.


Stuart said...

Thanks a lot for this, always liked the Malfunkshun song from when I heard it a few years back on the Deep Six compilation, never been able to get hold of the Melvins version until you posted it. Really liked the Hooch EP too (had never heard the b-sides before) they remind me of times past.

birdman29 said...

Thanks alot for these 3 Melvins singles. Is there any chance these can be uploaded in FLAC? It'd be a shame for them to be lost except for low quality mp3s.