Nikki Sudden - Acoustic set at Artliners (2006)

There was quite a time I wanted to post this acoustic set captured at Arliners, in Berlin, and recorded 1 month before Nikki's death, on the 17th of February 2006. But I postponed it for several months since I was not able to recognize the title of 2 songs (I'm not a total addict and specialist of Sudden repertoire). Actually someone had given me a CD-R more than 7 years ago without any title on it, only the date of the recording. I finally found these titles today, so I don't wait for posting it. Note that yesterday I received my 6-CD + 1 boxset The Boy From Nowhere from easyaction.co.uk (a great thing but I have some critics about it I'll tell one day maybe). All the details explaining why there was so few people in the audience are on the back of the cover sleeve (below). If of course it's a great emotion to listen in such an intimate condition an artist you love so close of his death, it can't be denied that it takes quite a time for the songs to reach a certain level of depht. But of course all of you who appreciate the man and didn't know about this recording would be delighted to get it so I stop talking bullshit and let you enjoy here. PS. I did a di-by-myself cover sleeve for the front but only modified the boot one for the back (am I clear I don't believe?)

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