Golden Earring - As & Bs (1970-76)

Strange that nobody ever asked me to reup this one, deleted with my mf account. Such an As & Bs compilation of this great band has never been officially issued to my knowledge so I would have imagined many would have required a fixed link but no. Actually, I just found today this self-made compilation was not on rs, thus I up it on it so that some of you can discover the fantastic collection of rock songs the band created during this decade. Note that their 2003 Millbrook USA album was a wonderful achievement but that the last one is less than mediocre. However, they surely are one of the most underrated classic rock band of history. Maybe cos' they are from Netherland. Find the links (the compilation is in 2 parts) at the bottom of the initial post.

I will repost for some bands the singles I posted individually together on As & Bs compilations in the further weeks. First because some of you may find a little tedious to dl it one by one (but you can work a little can't you?), second because rs is often not very kind with those who are not premium users, third because I fear to have rs or mf to face the same problem than mu one day (I must say that I'm quite sure it will occur and it's painful to imagine all my work being suddenly send to oblivion but I must be prepare for this to happen soon), and fourth because it gives me the opportunity to create a fake LP cover sleeve and I love that. So here are the 23 songs that this great band has offered (hum... sold actually) to us during their 6 years of peak period (even if they have done some good things later on). In the whole, I got my faves (see individual posts to know which ones, but you may not give a fuck and I understand that), but listening to it in the continuity shows how this band was to the level, and maybe a little higher, than most of the UK/US big rock bands of the times. Enjoy it here and there (in 2 parts)


Family - Live Anyway fake LP (1970)

I hadn't noticed that the link to this fake live LP consisting of the 1st side of Anyway with 2 live versions of the studio side of the same LP, has been lost with my mf file account removal. So I re-up it on rs. One visitor has informed me that the 2 live songs I added were surely recorded in 1971 and not during the tour Anyway live songs were recorded. Too bad but I leave it this way since it makes quite a great LP to listen to. All this is so far in the past now that some month distance is of no more importance. But it's a fact I would have preferred to find live versions recorded during the same tour that the Anyway live side. Below what I wrote in the initial post with the new link.

Fake but not impossible this is the way this album should have been released in November 1970. Actually, the band had planned to release a double live LP but seems not to have enough material of good quality to do it. So, for their 4th album, they decide to do what's the worst, an hybrid LP with a live side and a studio one. Don't have any souvenir that such an album was a success in terms of homogeneity (remember Cactus Ot 'n' Sweaty for example). Three years ago BGO released on double CDs Anyway and A Song For Me. On the Anyway CD, there were 3 live bonus tracks, 2 of them that could have been from the Fairfield Halls set that gave the Anyway live side. Not sure but since these songs were on the studio side, I take the risk to conclude that a Live Anyway could have consisted of these 6 songs. Not that live "Part of the Load" and "Lives and Ladies" are totally convincing, being somewhere between long Canned Heat jams and long Traffic improvisations, but they would have provided a more consistent LP after all. For the cover sleeves, I created a sort of demarked Anyway cover with the same Da Vinci drawing. The pictures (on the back sleeve and below) are ones of the band in the correct period since they tended to change quite often of personal during their career. I'll post all their singles later on this blog. Stay vigilant if you'd like to discover them, there's much to savour. Enjoy this Live Anyway here, there are "Good News -Bad News" and "Strange Band", 2 of the strongest songs, not only from Family but from the whole Seventies.