Nikki Sudden & Last Bandits - Live in Moscow (2003)

A requested re-up. I don't listen to Nikki Sudden much these times (except now, while uploading this live set and writing this little paragraph). I have my NS periods. It will come back surely. I say much about this live concert below. Catch it here. I'll try to re-up all NS stuff in the next few months. Ask if you want one in particular being re-up.

 At least a new post. Recorded 10 years ago in Russia (at the Central House of Artists of moscow, with a Hard Rock Cafe logo on the wall) this concert took place during the Treasure Island LP period (issued the next year) so it's a rocky Nikki you got here. The backing band is competent but sometimes we would have liked a little bit more subtility and efficacy. However, the sound is not far from an official live and the setlist is full of beloved faves (with a cover of the Faces' "Stay With Me" and a moving "Death Is Hanging Over Me" version). Nikki Sudden seems happy to play there (more than in some other shows captured in Europe in the early 2000s). The cover sleeve is not mine (and quite ugly I think) but I don't have the patience and envy to do another one so you'll have to do with this official one (for a bootleg it's a weird way to call it). More NS to come I hope. It'll depend on my oscillating mood.


Ruben Chandler said...

thanks for the nikki sudden. my oscillating mood keeps bringing me back here so please..........post some more. my only regret........it taking an hour to download this album on rapidshare............thanks bro

zero said...

Thanks a lot for sharing Nikki Sudden!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your Nikki Sudden sharing..much appreciated.
Cheers Danne.

Kitty Capper said...

could you please re up all the Nikki Sudden , Thanks

dkelvin said...

I promise but not in the next few days.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this excellent recording and thanks for all of your Nikki Sudden post. He meant a lot to me.