Alternative TV / The Good Missionaries - At Greenwich Theatre and at Lyceum Ballroom (1979)

During spring 1979, the mutation of Alternative TV into the Good Missionaries was complete. The band was no more a punk one (he always was a little on the marge anyway but was assimilated with the movement due to their first punk anthems) but a totally experimental free rock one and it was not without some trouble with the audiences and difficulties for early times fans to follow their hero (cos' Mark Perry was a sort of for young people like I was). These two shows are captured during spring and summer 1979, when the band had released its infamous Vibing Up The Senile Man some months before (in March). They still play a little bit as ATV was in its most raw art moments (cos' this music had more to do with raw art than with experimental, progressive or conceptual ones) but sometimes it's really a disturbing and not easy listening. For those who have a very bad memory of The Good Missionaries on record, they will be pleasantly surprised to hear the somewhat jazzy Kraut style the band adopted on "Bottom of the World" (first track played). I was not aware of this cassette until recently. One side was 30 min at the Greenwich Theatre, a second one partly at Lyceum Ballroom in May 1979 (at least that's what is written on the cassette sleeve) and partly in various occasions during the summer of 1979. If some knew this cassette, they will be surprised by the sound, since I tried to improve a little bit the "production" and put some more bass and consistency to the sound in order to allow a complete listening. Happy to add some rare historical testimony to this blog. Enjoy it here. I did the cover sleeve with a picture taken at Greenwich for this show it seems. Mark Perry's pictures below are said to have been taken during this tour. He was really a good looking young man.