John Cale - Mercenaries (Ready For War) / Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores 7" (1980)

Re-up on request. I'm not in a John Cale period so I won't add anything more than what I wrote below. Didn't buy the Diesel CD version hitherto. Catch this one here.

This single was released with the Sabotage Live LP and featured an edit version of "Mercenaries" and an unissued song that would be covered the same year by Bauhaus on the B-side of their "Telegram Sam" cover single (are you still with me?). "Mercenaries" is typical of this international-politic-paranoid period John Cale was in. At these times, I had lost any interest in what he was doing but I was damned wrong. It travelled through time much better that most of what was released in 1980. Never too late to admit I have been dumb. "Rosegarden..." is something of an experimental song, actually it could be Kim Fowley (another of my heroes, who would release his great Son of Frankenstein the following year). It's more than probable that Cale was influenced by KF when he sang on this one (listen to the way he finished the song). The Bauhaus version is not very different but nothing may rivals with Cale's voice. Note also how on such songs Cale is not far from the Fall (actually the Fall are on Cale's feet). The sound quality is not very good and this is a ripped version I didn't do myself since I don't own this single. Actually, "Rosegarden" was released in apparently proper version on the Diesel CD version of Sabotage but prices are too high for my little fortune. However I added the versions featuring on a half-bootleg compilation called Doctor Dark, a shameless compilation disguised in a fake live LP with added applauses on it (this is what I call a sub-human way to treat artists and fans). Except for this awful idea, it is the occasion to listen to "Rosegarden" in a high quality format. For "Remedies", just put your Sabotage CD or good vinyl version on their supports. More from Cale soon on this blog. Meanwhile, enjoy this little amuse gueule. Nothing cheap and nasty.

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Koen Olie said...

I just discovered your blog, great Cale posts, I saw him live twice at Paradiso during Carribean Sunset, great performances.
Possible to re-up this Mercenaries single? Thanks in advance!