Kim Fowley - Gonna See My Name In Lights / Angel Of Fire fake 7" (1980)

Another re-up in tribute. See below for details. Catch here.

Our beloved Kim Fowley is having a hard chemotherapy journey these days, in order to cure his damned bladder cancer. So here's a modest way to share a thought  for him with visitors of this blog. These 2 songs were composed and recorded with Kari Krome (on electric piano) from the Runaways, somewhere between 1976 and 1985. I chose to write 1980 but I'm not sure and maybe it was sooner or later. You'll be surprised to hear the quiet and intimate atmosphere of these gems, showing KF has never been this clown too many consider he was, but rather a touching and impressive multi-talented genius who, moreover, has this strange faculty to say a lot about human condition (pathetic, romantic, free, wild, doomed, damned, human, animal and so much more). I did the cover sleeve of this faked single with a picture of little Kim on a real horse for a ride who took him through epic and musical stories. Enjoy it here. Below, a picture of Kari Krome. A salute from someone who wears him in his heart for 40 years now and who never interrupted his constant support and admiration for the bad boy of rock'n' roll.

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