JFG - Singles (2010-2012)

Since it's my fave I-did-it-myself cover sleeve and since jfg is one of my fave contempory (alive & well) singer-composer-guitarist, I re-up this compilation of singles (some real, some fakes and once again done by myself). He's currently back from Berlin and playing (and living) again in Bordeaux. Hope he'll release something soon. Times are a little bit boring without new songs from him. Hope this blog helps to make him known worldwide. Catch it here.

Here a compilation of singles from JFG (with the Irregulars or Winter of Love) released or, for most of them, that I created with songs I thought had the greatest hit potential and deserved to be issued on single with cover sleeves of their own. Unfortunately, our times seem not kind with people such as JFG and it's a real shame. But his time will come. Meanwhile, make this ten yours and tell me if you don't have here one of our finest singer songwriter. And please, go on his bandcamp get the official albums and EPs here. And it will be perfect for your saturday night party or your sunday morning jogging. Music for all good moments of life (and shitty ones too). I'm quite happy with the front cover sleeve I did (a little bit of autocongratulation for once).

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