Hurry up, only 3 days left before files deleted

As I wrote in a recent post, due to a totally prohibitive increase in the price rapidshare will ask for the standard plus formula, on the 15th of April all the files (actually singles, EPs or albums) uploaded on this blog will probably (cos' it's not clear what will happen for those who won't pay) be deleted since I don't have the financial abilities to pay monthly such an amount of money to these swiss thieves (49.99€, that means about 60$). Sad I know but got no other solution. Presently, no other provider seems to offer a decent service (in many, files are deleted when not downloaded for longer than one month or even less) for a decent price. If you have some suggestions, don't hesitate to write in comments, but I swear I've looked at many of those on the net and none of them fulfil my expectations. So, it seems this blogs lives its last moments. Don't miss the opportunity to get the stuff you would like to listen to. There's plenty of it I (modestly) think. So hurry up, even if you're not called Harry. dk


Jethro Tull - Bourée / Fat Man (1969)

A reupload of a single removed with my mf account and never reup on the rs one (first demand I got to have the link fixed). An opportunity to inform again this blog's visitors due to a totally prohibitive and robbery rate rs had decided to ask (about 60$ per month), I fear that all my uploaded stuff will disappear on April the 15th and I encourage you to dl the largest amount of material you can before it is not available. The link for this one at the end of the text I wrote in the first post.

That may seem strange to most of you, but in France, when you say "Jethro Tull", the only memory you obtain from your interlocutor is often "Ah oui, la Bourée!". This song (actually an instrumental, and moreover a cover of the 5th movement from Suite in E minor for Lute, BWV 996 (BC L166) written by Johann Sebastian Bach quite a long time ago, is a trademark of the band in my country. Quite sad actually but this is the consequence of the great success of this track when released in single in France. Actually, it was not released in every country (not in UK for example), and not with the same backing track (some have "Reasons for Waiting", others "We Used To Know", sureley the version that Don Henley had when writing "Hotel California"). But most often, it's the great "Fat Man" that was on B-side. If the song was such a success in France is surely linked to the fact that the bourrée is a French style. A way to remember our own folklore, quite forgotten compared to the English or Irish folklore. This single was released in the wake of the Stand Up album. I hesitated to post it since none of the songs are rare, but as a nostalgic gesture (I discovered the band, little kid, with this song, and their look and attitude totally caught me, see the first video below), I did it. Enjoy it here. Below, the French cover sleeve of the 7" and 2 pix from Claude Delorme-Philips from the band in Paris in September 1969. The last video is a totally live version.