Hurry up, only 3 days left before files deleted

As I wrote in a recent post, due to a totally prohibitive increase in the price rapidshare will ask for the standard plus formula, on the 15th of April all the files (actually singles, EPs or albums) uploaded on this blog will probably (cos' it's not clear what will happen for those who won't pay) be deleted since I don't have the financial abilities to pay monthly such an amount of money to these swiss thieves (49.99€, that means about 60$). Sad I know but got no other solution. Presently, no other provider seems to offer a decent service (in many, files are deleted when not downloaded for longer than one month or even less) for a decent price. If you have some suggestions, don't hesitate to write in comments, but I swear I've looked at many of those on the net and none of them fulfil my expectations. So, it seems this blogs lives its last moments. Don't miss the opportunity to get the stuff you would like to listen to. There's plenty of it I (modestly) think. So hurry up, even if you're not called Harry. dk


barbelith said...

I'll be really sad to see forgotten songs disappear. You've posted some amazing stuff and highlighted some important but passed over music. Highlights for me have been TV Personalities and the Swell Maps related posts. Your TVP posts have been nothing short of wonderful. And i'm gutted we won't see the remainder of the Antz demos. Thank you for a consistently excellent and entertaining blog.

dkelvin said...

Thx a lot for your very nice comment. The blog won't disappear, only the uploaded stuff. At least, it seemed it had to disappear since I won't pay the new rates of rs. But today the links are still operant although I didn't pay anything. So wait & see. My idea is to find a new upload craddle for the future material and the old I'll reup if I've the courage to do it.
Thx again and long live to TV Pers music

Anonymous said...


I just found this cool blog today when I was looking for the cover of a TVP 7"

Well, I do own most of them, but here I found some I hadn't heard of before.

But what I want to say:

Try this:




sophia rose said...
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sophia rose said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello, so i was looking for a release (DRAGONTEARS - TURN ON TUNE IN FUCK OFF!!) & i got in your blog by coincidence/Fate,... i thought the release was deleted cuz it's been years since it was posted,.. but after reading that post i understand the issue,.. it's sad indeed,.. (not talking about the deleted release i was seeking x) i can get it somewhere else)..
i've gave up on Rapidshare 3 years ago or more.. i did appreciate it well 8 or 7 years ago when they where more humans than 'Money collector machines'... actually, not only Rapidshare but most of those hosts sucks in "terms", let alone payment details... except for some few (Russian hosts, these guys seem not to care much about DMCA sh*tty plans...)
Anyway ; what i think it's really worth mentioning as an alternative, is using Torrent files, the old good way... you'll need some HDD space, a fair Upload speed, & some Reasonable people who seed as they leech... else-what you can use a "Seedbox" if you're prepared to pay a certain amount per month (generally Starting from 15$).. but with a seedbox your torrents (releases) will be seeded with a nice Upload speed even with your PC Off...
Many uploaders are adopting this method as they wish Not, giving up on that "Message" they try to pass & it's generally "working"...
"I wish you don't give up too!" that's the only reason that pushes me to write to you, i do respect people who believe in Music sharing especially when they got a fine taste for good overlooked/ underrated music,... so dude "hang in there" & have a nice long listening experience.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can you Please re-up KIM FOWLEY's "GREASE" and "LIVE IN OVERDRIVE" from 2012??


Rick Shide said...

just use google drive, drive.google.com. if you don't want to associate with your normal google account, just open new ones using different user names.

Private Beach said...

So far most of your Rapidshare files still seem to be available, but I'm grabbing the ones I want as fast as I can before they go. Many thanks for all the good music you've posted!

dkelvin said...

Hi everyone. I decided to use M. It seems to be very secure and convenient. Hope it will last. My mission will be to re-up everything posted on this blog (and some new stuff) during the further months. I have moved in a new home where I will have more pleasure to work on it. Let's spread the good news. Forgotten songs will not be forgotten.
Thxs to all of you for your nice comments.

Rochacrimson said...

Yep many files from rapidshare were deleted. Mega.co.nz is the top now.
I will see posts that are offline and send you a list to re-up.
Thank you for all great music!