Alternative TV - Is there still life in Southend fake EP (1978)

Tonight re-up is this 4 song-epic fake EP from ATV (you know it's one of my fave band if you are a usual visitor), recorded live in Southend and featuring a stunning version of "Nasty Little Lonely", one of the most singular track of Mark Perry since it has its roots in late british blues à la Free. Moreover I love the cover sleeve I did for it. Enjoy it if you didn't catch it before here
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This blog is 3 years old now and I feel some old post are becoming forgotten posts. So I decided to update some old posts I think deserve to be reminded to new visitors who would have not imagined to click on the link of the band. Today this fake live EP from Alternative TV recorded during the summer of 1978, just after the release of their masterpiece LP The Image Has Cracked and surely the best live testimony of the band ever released. The 4 songs are played with intensity that I never found again in the band and Mark Perry shows how a great live singer he was. It's heavy, noisy, emotive, it's far above what the punk movement could offer at the time. Don't miss it. 
Below what I wrote in the initial post. 
Actually, this is not a true EP, but 4 songs played in Southend (UK) during the tour Alternative TV did with Here & Now. Alternative TV has always been my f.... (yes fave) band issued from the punk movement, the only movement I personally participated to as an active element. I talk about the first punk wave, not the punk's-not-dead one some years later. And I talk about the English scene, since in France it was mostly a joke, and the US one only an other way to be rock'n' roll. Mark Perry can be considered as one of the true brain of England punk, not only via his Sniffin' Glue fanzine but via Alternative TV, a band summarizing all the utopia of punk, a way to be creative whatever the ability to play, a movement based on the genius of energy. All this was short-lived and Mark Perry knew that it would turn sour very early, as soon as their first single "How Much Longer" (in fact the second one but no matter), in which he was bitterly ironic on the uniformity of punk codes and uniforms. After releasing what I consider to be the most important punk album (The Image Has Cracked), he toured with Here & Now, a "hippie" band, just to show that he did not want to follow the discriminative views of most of punks in these times (and I must admit I adopted some of these discriminative views myself for some years). Several songs from this tour were recorded and released in a LP called Live 1978 on Overground records, and edited by Steve Albini, who has a certain affection for ATV (the other way to write the name of the band). In this album, the quality of the recording was uneven. The recording of the show played at Southend was far the best of the whole, and I think the 4 songs from this set would have benefited to be edited separately. This is what I do here, with a self-made cover, so don't try to buy it on the web, this is fake. If you like these songs, buy the Live 1978 LP instead. Honestly, the version of "Nasty Little Lonely" that can be heard here, is the best I heard from them. The beginning is not without similarity with Free and then it's Black Sabbath gone punk. Not the archetype of the straight forward punk band as old hippies were trying to convince everybody the movement was. The other great moment is "Still Life", opened by Mark Perry asking what I chose for the title of this virtual EP ("Is there still life in Southend?"). "Viva La Rock'n' Roll" has always been one of the peaks of the ATV achievement, even if this version does not reach the altitude of the studio one. "Fellow Sufferer" is more difficult and anticipate the next musical step of Mark Perry, the Good Missionaries. I talk too much.The best is to let you enjoy it.



JFG and friends - Golden Oldies (2002-2010)

Tonight, the second re-up. A compilation of covers by the great jfg. Don't miss this gem (here) there's full of aural treasures in it. Could have been a joke, it's a winner. After a one year staying in Berlin, he's back in France and in music action. Buy his stuff on bandcamp (here), there's not a filler in it. Text of the first post below.

If you're a regular visitor of FS, you know how I dig JFG, one of the rare singer-songwriter of the last decade to make me feel the way I felt about Dan Treacy, Mark Perry, Peter Perrett or Nikki Sudden in the 80's. Unfortunately, he (hitherto) did not meet any moment of glory and sure living in France did not help. Now he's relocated in Berlin and he just opened a record store called Foxhole (weserstrasse 179 Neukölln, see picture below) and I hope he'll find in this town a better place to live than in this rotting country. Kevin Coyne and Nikki Sudden did, no reason jfg doesn't. Here is a compilation of covers he did in the first decade of the century with various line-ups. He always succeeds in making others songs his. A treasure in which everyone can grab sound pearls. Good luck to him for the future. His bandcamp page here (his last EP is a masterpiece). Previous posts there. Below, in streaming, a personal subjective selection covering the various styles of the LP.


Alain Kan/Gazoline - Sally / Electric injection (single) - 1977

Since rs has deleted my account (3 years after mf did the same) and treated as illegal all my dl, I had the choice to give up or to go on for the 3rd time. Since I'm in a fighting mood, I decided to (try to) go on. So, this time I'll use M, the new sharing partner derived from MU, closed with the judiciary agitation that everyone remembers. I don't know whether it's a good choice or not but time will tell (if I still have time, at my age, it's an uncertain friend). So, I begin the 3rd life of Forgotten Songs with the real first post, the one about Alain Kan's punk band called Gazoline. This was actually more a AK with a backing band that a real band but after all, everything was written in August 2009 almost 5 years ago (God!!! 5 years...) below. Try the new link at the end of the post and tell me if it works. If it's OK, I'll try to re-up all the material posted in the last 5 years again but it will take some time so be patient or ask for the ones you are the most impatient to get.

Alain Kan is one of the greatest French singer, performer and lyricist of the XXth century. An hybrid between Oscar Wilde, Antonin Artaud, David Bowie (but not faking) and Marlene Dietrich. He went so far in the verbal crudity for describing the perverse nature of human relation in our mercantile societies where everything is in sale, asses included, that it seems quite impossible to imagine any English or American singer be courageous enough to sing them. Two of these LPs (he released 4 between 1975 and 1986) were withdrawn because of the scandalous content of these texts. When punk exploded, and although he was 33 years old, he jumped in what he considered the only issue for rock. He formed Gazoline but this band was short-lived. They released 2 singles. Both are very different. Here is the first one. Not the best known since it is not the punk style per se of the second one that most of writers talk about when they refer to Gazoline. For me this is the best and maybe some of the best songs Alain Kan created. The atmospher is quite difficult to describe but honestly if you feel some difficulty to breathe in listening to "Sally", you'll probably stop on "Electric Injection" since this piece of music is like an electric fog in which you dissolve. And if you understand the words, impossible not to feel physically oppressed. Of course this single flopped and 2 years later, on this What ever happened to Alain Z Kan, he took again the riff of "Sally" to compose the fabulous "Devine qui vient dîner" ("Guess who comes for dinner") in which he invites Adolph Hitler for dinner and the reason why the album had problems with censure. It is quite a shitty attitude that the 3-CD box released 2 years ago did not included these 2 singles. Maybe some legal rights problem but I would like to be sure. It is said that one album was recorded with Fred Chichin (who later will form the Rita Mitsouko) but this information, found in wikipedia, is apocryphe. The marvellous Marie France is the gorgeous lady on the recto and verso of the cover. She also performed on stage with Alain Kan. Some pictures are in the file. I won't say enjoy here, but finally aural pain can be enjoyed.

More Alain Kan in the near future on this blog cause you're here in a fan's blog.