John Cale - Honi Soit (1981)

New stuff on Forgotten Songs. Not really new since this album was released in 1981, but new since it was never posted before. If I could know why several Cale albums from the eighties are not available in any format, I would be grateful cos' it's a total scandal. After all, the paranoia Cale showed during these years seems to be only lucidity. I wonder why in the 80's I did not pay any attention to Cale's releases since now I understand he was still releasing seminal stuff when so many of the things I listened to during this period are now totally embarrassing. This album was not produced by Cale but by Mike Thorne who was working notably with Wire and then would produce Colin Newman's solo albums. But he respected Cale's personality and didn't try to transform it in a new wave artist (even if Wire was the best thing new wave provided). Musically, the album is a little bit more friendly than previous efforts but it's still abrasive and intense. There are some very great songs on it (the ones for which I added the videos below) and I must say that I wouldn't imagine it to be such an achievement. I think it's a great gift to put it on this blog since it is really not easy to find. It's funny how the album includes French evocations (from the title to the cover sleeve and to some lyrics). Catch it here.


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