Procol Harum - Live at the Felt Forum (1974)

Good news dear visitors: there's new stuff on Forgotten Songs. First time in 3 months. Of course, not a totally new band since Procol Harum had 15 (!!!) posts of material previously published here, but who can get enough of live stuff of this band? Not me. Hope you don't either. This show was recorded in May 1974 in NYC during their Exotic Birds and Fruits tour. The band is at its best since it is one of their peak year. The sound quality (captured from audience) does not reach the usually expected standards but I've tried to enhance the mix and the result is somewhat better than the original quality of the bootleg you can find under the name of Thin End of the Wedge. There are 17 songs played with several highlights (the "Simple Sister" version is stunning) and 2 old rockers ("Little Queenie" and "Old Black Joe") rather cool but not essential I confess. All in all it's a seminal listening for every PH fan. And for every BJ Wilson fan too of course, the drumming being once again absolutely the best you'll hear in your life. I did the cover sleeve myself, the usual ones associated with the bootleg being ugly. Of course I used once again a Jakob Bogdani painting. Catch this live set here. And please, don't hesitate to asking for re-up of ancient stuff.


Ruben Chandler said...

Homey, where you been? Good to see you and thanks for this awesome post! And yaeh, let's hear the ancient stuff!

Rochacrimson said...

Thank you!!

dougm said...

i found it on youtube. 'exotic birds and fruit' was a wonderful album and this concert gives it its due.