The Telescopes - 7th # Disaster EP (1989)

Again some new stuff on Forgotten Songs. The Telescopes belong to the nineties UK shoegaze scene but actually I always considered them to be the bridge between the Only Ones and Jesus and Mary Chain with a clear inclination towards My Bloody Valentine. I had not listened to them for maybe 20 years but recently, selling a great deal of vinyl and CD records to gather some urgently needed money, I gave a ear to their first album Taste, and suddenly remembered why I loved them so much when I never found anything for me in bands such as Primal Scream or Loop, and not much in Ride or Swervedriver (and so many more). So, I explored their discography (I got some EPs and of course the Taste LP) and realized I still love them a lot and that the juvenile and a little bit cliché posture still talks to me. I also discovered they play this old material on stage currently. And that most of their discography can be heard and bought on Bandcamp here (very good initiative). But some of their first releases are missing such as this gem, 7th # Disaster, a 4 song-EP that needs to be heard and possessed by any Telescope amateur. So here it is. Some noise for you. Catch it here.

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Jack Tripper said...

Thanks a lot, I've been wanting this for years.