Let's Active - Singles 84-88

I'm in an obsessive Let's Active period these days. I listened again to Mitch Easter discography when I learned he had played with the original formation, minus Faye Hunter who committed suicide one year ago (in July 2013). All this is sad and  funny at the same time. And nostalgia grabs me by the feet when I listened to the songs I so much loved between 1984 and 1988. God heaven and devil together I was young in these days. And Mitch Easter too. And contrary to so many bands and records, Let's Active first EP and 2 LPs (minus the 3rd one, Every dog has his day, ruined by John Leckie production), all this has travelled through time and years without losing anything of its charm, freshness and thrilling qualities. Here I gathered the promo and official singles the band released during its short life. So few singles when so many of Easter songs were perfect pop standards. Too sad the times were not kind for such music (people usually like loads of shitty music in these days and geniuses such as Mark Perry, Dan Treacy or Nikki Sudden were totally overlooked). I added the original version of "Horizon" with Faye Hunter singing and much better than the Every Dog Has His Day version, and "Invisible Hills", a song Mitch Easter considered too bleak for including it in the fabulous Big Plans For Everybody LP. I did the cover sleeve, using a quite overused picture, but I like it so much I couldn't resist. If this could help to restore the admiration Mitch Easter deserves, I would not have lost my time.  Enjoy it here. PS. "Water Parts" is one of my fave pop songs all periods.


reservatory said...

I too have been on a Let's Active binge, inspired by Mitch posts on the dBs repercussion blog. So here I am, with a tiresome old fart request. I can't use 21st Century browser versions on my ancient Mac, which means I can't download from Mega NZ. Is there any possibility of getting this on Zippyshare or some other old timey host?? I would REALLY appreciate it. THANKS!??

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have the same problem and request, due not to being on a Mac, but because I'm on a PC running Windows 2000, which works well enough for me that I don't have any reason to pay Micro$oft for a newer version. The new Mega site doesn't support the version of Firefox (or any other browser) that I'm using, and it seems that I can't update or switch to a new browser that Mega supports because none of them support Win 2000. This is a problem only on Mega since it resurfaced, all other sites work fine for me. Thanks.


dkelvin said...

Sorry. I understand M is not the perfect tool for everyone but it saved this blog that I would have closed after rs had deleted all my files if I didn't find a so easy-to-use sharing site. My connexion at my new home is so slow that I really can't do multi-share. And I really got no time for this.

Anonymous said...

OK, no problem. I've got a slow connection too, and I've seen blog after blog get burned by RS. If you feel secure using Mega, then you should stick with it. I'd hate to see another blog give up because of the games some hosts play with their users. Mega was the absolute best before they ran into trouble, and now that they're back and look like they're going to prevail over their attackers, I wish them all the luck in the world. Thanks for the response and explanation.