Kim Fowley & Ben Vaughn - Kings of Saturday Night (1995)

Don't imagine because I re-uped all previous Kim Fowley's stuff I'll stop. Now he's dead, we have the mission to make all his work available without fearing he's stolen. Here the first of a series of highly underrated albums he releases between 1994 and his death. I'll try to post them in chronological order. I'll skip the ones I personally consider as failed attempts although some of you may find them tasty but honestly it's too much work to post here to indulge myself in albums I don't like. This one is thus the first after a rather chaotic 14 years period without a true new studio album. Another album, called Wormculture (much more interesting than this one and soon to be posted here) will be recorded in the same year. This one is conceived according to the traditional "distant way" to record an album, that means that Ben Vaughn would send tapes with music on to Kim Fowley and the latter would put his voice on. Really stunning to see how the result sounds as a true duo captured live in the studio and the gift Kim Fowley had to make any used riff sounds fresh because of his vocal transmutation. There's a little Chris Spedding - John Cale flavour in this association but of course Cale and Fowley are differently mad. Actually Ben Vaughn provided the whole spectre of classic rock'n' roll riffs (from "Hey Bo Diddley" to "You Really Got Me" via "Gloria" or "I'm A Man" etc.) but it's never an "exercice-de-style" neither a passeist approach. And there's always the moving autobiographical Dylanian ballad that Kim Fowley creates even in his most jokish albums, here it's the wonderful "Back in my Childhood". I must confess I didn't know Ben Vaughn (who would work the next year with Alex Chilton and Alan Vega) when this album was released and that I didn't really followed him then but here he did a good job for Kim Fowley and it was the start of prolific period for our hero. Catch it here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this post !

Ansina said...

Hi, I'm trying to find as much as I can of Kim Fowley's discography, and your work has been a great help, but I dare to ask you more. For some reason, you didn't re-up 666 and Grease Could you do it, please?
I'm also looking for a dependable discography to check what I still lack. Thenks in advance.

Toby said...

thanks, my computer got stolen and i lost all my music. so glad to have this great album back

Toby said...

argh, no longer available D: