The Only Ones - Live at the Electric Ballroom (1980)

Sorry, I'm a bit late on re-up requested, I took some days off but now I'm back and if M is not destroyed by freedom hunters of the web, I'll do my best to fulfil re-up expectations. Here I chose to begin with this Only Ones live recording. When I listen to this live captured set, I doubt there has been a better live band on the planet but maybe I'm wrong. In 1980, the Only Ones were maybe the most stoned junkie bunch of musicians in activity but on stage they were no less than magical. I can't imagine a more intemporal music than this one. Listen to this version of "The Beast" before deciding what is genius. Catch this incredible document here. PS to iceman. The Paradiso concert was re-up recently (here) and is totally available on M.

Here we find the band 6 months after the Paradiso concert (here) but it's a rather different band. Tensions are strong between members (some of them want to "place" their songs and begin to be unease with the position of sole composer of Peter Perrett... they were wrong actually, it was a good thing) and desillusion begins to grow (Baby's Got A Gun album was badly produced by a producer mandatory sent by the label, it sells rather poorly, Ajouter une imageno single succeeded in the charts and drugs were beginning to eat every bit of motivation). The concert is very different from the one played at the Paradiso. Faster (they sometimes seem to call for a quick end), tighter (Peter Perrett plays much better and the band seems to behave as a whole and unique entity), it's a dynamic set with some ups (the songs from Baby's Got A Gun, here in their truly Only Ones versions) and some downs (some older songs, sometimes botched or with bad options, for example what the fuck is this half-reggae version of "Miles From Nowhere"?). This concert was captured on 2 nights at the Electric Ballroom of Camden and released in 1989 on Mau Mau label under the name of Live (I did another cover sleeve cos' I thought the official album one, a close shot ot Peter Perrett's face, was rather unappropriate). Note that it was wrongly suggested on the back cover sleeve to be captured at the Speakeasy in 1977. Among my interrogations, is this strange (and scandalous) fade at the end of "Why Don't You Kill Yourself". If someone could tell me WTF. To conclude, I would say that this concert, in spite of all its low parts, is for me the symbol of what I would have dreamed to do on stage with a band. Yes, nothing can be more close to this dream than this concert. Therefore, you understand the fixation I do about this band. More to come. A good way to finish the year. Hoping this blog will reach the end of next one (but I know predators are here to kill it so I'm not sure)


Kim Fowley and the Rubbertown Freaks - Wormculture (1995)

The same year than Kings of Saturday Night was released this other collaborative album, one of his best to my own opinion, belonging to the weirdo experimental side of our Kim, my fave side (with his acoustic one), the one he explored in albums such as Sunset Boulevard or Son of Frankenstein. Here's a collaboration with one man in particular, Steve Darrow ex-Hollywood Rose, the band in which there was Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, who plays most of the instruments and composes music. Kim, as usual, puts his narrative incredibly idiosyncrasic and deeper than it may seem, associated with Andrea Beltramo (from Snap-Her, see about them here) who plays her female partner. It's usual Kim talks to a queen slut routine, but I'm an unconditional amateur so no problem for me. There's plenty of words in the inner sleeves but it's red on grey so not really possible to scan them in good enough quality to be seen correctly. What's great in this album it's that there's no real weak moments, even the ones that may seem a little over-indulgent, it's Kim Fowley's work in progress as we love it. In 1995, he was one of the rare old rock warrior with any relevance. Now he's dead, I'll do my best to help his music to survive through time. When I'm dead, maybe others will do. Catch it here. Many more to come. 


England's Glory - Self Titled Album (1973)

Last re-up, actually chronologically the first of the 3. A complete LP as it was released. Not sure Peter Perrett would have chosen this cover sleeve but I didn't change it. Catch it here. Next Peter Perrett releases will be the ones with The Ones.

In January 1973, Peter Perrett records his songs with his band called England's Glory, featuring John Newey on drums, Harry Kakoulli on bass and David Clarke on lead guitar. He decides a very audacious bet in recording an LP completely, until the acetate is done and distributed to the various labels. This LP has never been released and the fact that David Clarke left the band and that no correct replacement was found sealed the destiny of the band. Only 3 years later (after living on dealing drug) he was able to form another one, the fabulous Only Ones with 3 incredibly great musicians. Not that England's Glory was bad either. There's in it some of the charm that will be germinates so radiously in the Only Ones, but the music is too down on the ground, and even underground given the strong influence of the Velvet on it. Often, one could imagine it's Lou Reed singing and even if Dylan was the supposed to be the main influence on Peter Perrett's songwriting, nothing here can attested it. Two future Only Ones songs are here in their first version ("City of Fun", much more punk oriented than the final one, strange since it was recorded 3 years before punk, and "Peter & The Pets" that lacks the genius of the further version). My fave song here is the fantastic "First Time I Saw You" and it's sad Peter Perrett did not propose it to the Only Ones. If I post this non-bonus tracks version of the LP is that because I think interesting to listen to the album as it was recorded. However, I'll post all the unissued songs on a further post (I mean unissued at the times, since now 2 CDs have gathered them). Here is therefore the initial LP as it was, and as it has been released by 5 Hours Back label (distributed by Revolver Cartel in 1987).

England's Glory - Predictably Blonde fake EP (1973)

Second England's Glory re-up. Details below. Strange guitar playing. Not anybody's taste but I rather like it. Catch it here.

In May 1973, Peter Perrett's England's Glory has lost his guitarist, gone under other skies (and lost from view since then) and tried a new formula with a female guitarist called Julie (nobody seems to remember her surname, sexist world the rock 'n' roll one for sure). Unfortunately, her style won't fit with Peter Perrett's songs and this rare testimony demonstrates it. Funny to hear that she was 4 years ahead of her times since her playing is quite punk actually. But Peter Perrett needed elegant stylists such as John Perry to serves his songs correctly. None of these 4 songs would appear in his future repertoire. It's true that often, they are not far from Lou Reed plagiarism. Not sure "Predictably Blonde" would have been the title track of the lot if it was released in EP (but EPs were rare in 1973) but it's an hypothesis. PS. There'll be one more session, that will be posted here. Stay vigilant.

England's Glory - The Ultimate Session fake EP (1973)

Tonight I'll re-up al the England's Glory (first Peter Perrett's band) I posted on ths blog previously. More about this last session below. Catch it here.

This is the ultimate (since the last has been wrongly entitled so in a CD reissue) session by England's Glory, although the band is no more the regular one, but an occasional gathering consisting in Pretty Things guitarist Gordon Edwards, a keyboard player called Mick Kemp and Harry Kakoulli, the only survivor of the previous band line up. Contrary to the liner notes of The first and last sessions CD, I think this session is much better than the previous one (here). More Stones influenced, sure it could have been a possible development for the band. Moreover, "Trouble in the World" (same title but nothing to do with the future Only Ones song) is a diamond that would have deserved to be given another chance. I don't have anything else to post from this period but if you know some, thanx to tell me. For the cover sleeve, I took an image from Franz Fiedler. 


The Only Ones - Oh Lucinda (Love Becomes A Habit) / The Big Sleep Fake Single (1979)

Last but not least, this single that could have been from the session they recorded with Martin Hannett. Baby's Got A Gun would have surely been a much better album with him. Here are the only surviving testimonies of their common work. More details below. Catch it here.

In 1979, the Only Ones are on a slipping ground, more and more digging their band's grave in drugs. And CBS becomes quite embarassed with this band they don't know how to manage and how to sell. For their 3rd album, they ask that the band choose a producer. Their choice is for Martin Hannett, the famous mancunian producer of Joy Division. But the only session they would do together at the Advision studios will only result in 2 songs later on their Baby's Got A Gun album (produced by the more mainstream Colin Thurston). In the Nina Antonia biography of the band, it's clear that the day was first used for other occupations than music, specially for Peter Perrett, John Perry and Martin Hannett. So, here are these 2 songs, and if the "Lucinda "version is rather weak (but still has some commercial appeal), "The Big Sleep" version, maybe the greatest and most moving song from all the songs the Only Ones created, is not far to reach the live version on the BBC session, and the great album version too. Actually, the 3 are to possess cos' they show how a great song can provide complementay emotions when played by a great band. For the cover sleeve of this fake single, I chose a Zen Sen picture, this photograph (Polish I think) being maybe one of those who provide the imagery the most relevant to the Peter Perrett's universe. More on him on Scoptophilia here. PS. Interesting to watch how the junkie habit begins to be clear on the Perry's and Perrett's faces on the picture below.

Take the crutch away from you And watch you fall down It's a shame about a girl like you Always falling down (Aha) I see the way you're looking It's a silent rhapsody (Aha) I know there's something cooking I know I seen that film before The end is so predictable You gotta learn to live again That's the final twist I really hate to see my friend Cease to exist (Aha) The enemy we're fighting He's inside of you and me (Aha) Please stop crying I know you used to smile before I know it's not impossible You took my picture off your wall Oh Lucinda (you're funny, you're so funny) Only tried to tell you You're heading for a fall Oh Lucinda (Aha) It's good to see you winning I always did have faith in you (Aha) The end is the beginning I know, I've seen it in the war (Aha) Get to your battle-stations It's a crime against our nation Get to your battle-stations It's a crime against our nation Love becomes a habit If you see it, you gotta grab it You gotta grab it Grab it

You woke me from a big sleep You taught me how to think cheap You woke me from a big sleep When you kissed me... oooohh On the cheek I don't ever wanna sleep again Now that I've found love I don't ever wanna sleep again Now that I've found love (I've found love) As soon as someone showed me There's no such thing as glory Changed my life completely Now it's a whole different story I don't ever wanna sleep again Now that I've found love I don't ever wanna sleep again Now that I've found real love Oh in case you're wondering if I been struck dumb I'm cold inside and my heart is numb In case you're wondering if it's too late I won't hibernate, whoah woohoo na na na na I don't have the strength to break an empty shell And I surely don't have the strength to mend it Well, I don't ever wanna sleep again Now that I've found love I don't ever wanna sleep again Now that I've found love

The Only Ones - Fools / Castle Built On Sand (1980)

Re-up of this weak and rather incongruous single. Catch it here.

A sign that the 80's were strange times, this single seemed to me a good idea when it was released in May 1980, one month after Baby's Got A Gun was issued (with both sides from the LP) when now it seems to me a total mistake, providing an awful image (the cover sleeve is a disaster) of Peter Perrett. Just a sign of how in the 80's things went wrong. Actually, it was more a Peter & Pauline (Murray, from Penetration) single than a true Only Ones one. Except for the B-side. "Fools" is a cover of a rather average song and should have been better avoided. It seems that CBS has projects for the band to release a cover albums (some remains are to be found on the album of the same name, later on in its complete version on this blog) but not sure it was a good idea. A very bad way to end the Only Ones first era since they'd never release officially another one. More to come. .

The Only Ones - You've Got To Pay / This Ain't All (It's Made To Be) (1979)

Re-up of this failing follow-up to AGAP. The cover sleeve should have been kept for the LP I think. Catch it here.

Released in February 1979, just a month prior to the wonderful Even Serpents Shine LP, the A-side seems not to have been the band's choice, and first the John Perry's, who didn't like it. But it's true that, with it's Elvis Costello flavour, it was a possible hit. Actually it was not (but lyrics about the fact that you'll have to pay for the love you'll get, and the complexity of the used language, were not an additional advantage for such a public success). The single is often cherished first because of it's classy cover sleeve, quite doom actually, and second for it's rare B-side, a song totally under the double influence of "Sweet Jane" and of "Baba O' Riley" for the riff. But by the Only Ones, it's something else, although far from their best, but with a fantastic John Perry on solo. Let's not forget this single that illuminated this year, the last of the punk's period. 

You've Got To Pay. I had to choose, which one to lose I couldn't do it for they each had their use It was so hard, tearing apart Now I know you gotta get it right at the start I learnt my lesson now I learnt it the hard way If you wanna be in love You've gotta pay and pay and pay After the pain that was suffered in vain The dark roads we travelled, with nothing to gain And though the pleasures, will always be treasured It's a shame it came to such drastic measures Indecision, lack of conviction Slurred diction failing what you're trying to say If you are a slave to love You're gonna pay and pay and pay Our flightpath's a gradual descent, from the firmament I can tell by the tone of the letters you sent What was once sacred, is now full of hatred How come such love can be dissipated? I've had enough of all this poison and decay If you wanna come face to face with love You've gotta pay and pay and pay

The Only Ones - Another Girl Another Planet / Special View / As My Wife Says (1978)

Re-up of this eternal and immortal song. What can I add? Except Peter Perrett seems to deny it was about hero but actually about a girl. However, the song is as incredible today as it was when it was released. A real shock during these straight punk times. But impossible to resist. And now it's forever under our skin. Catch it here

OK, can't say that "Another Girl Another Planet" is a forgotten song, I know. But what is often forgotten is the fact that the single was released in 2 versions. The most known with "Special View" on the B-side, and one much rarer, with "As My Wife Says", another non-album track, on the rear side. Although both songs were rather secondary according to the band's standards (very high actually), it's important not to forget them. "As My Wife Says" rarely featured on compilations and has been added in the reissued version of the first album 2 years ago. Since I didn't want to chose between the 2 single versions, I post one file with the 2 B-sides on it. Blink 182 fans that would have lost their way and ended on this blog might have a try on them and they'll see that the Only Ones could play faster songs than AGAP that their heroes have butchered to my old-ass-half-deaf-ears. Note that the song was not a hit at the time of its release but was only some years later. It's now a classic and although some find it dated musically, it's my way to consider playing great music so I don't care. College rock is really a pale ersatz of what I consider rock music.

The Only Ones - Lovers Of Today / Peter And The Pets 7" (1977)

Re-up of this first Only Ones single. Maybe one of the best first single in rock history. If they had disbanded after this first shot, they still should be cult. But they followed on and it's a genius gift that made my (and maybe yours) life less boring and ugly that it would have been. As you see below, I had a request to remove this single (although released on a now dead label". Don't know whether it will be the case this time too. We'll see. Catch it here.

Received a DMCA requirement to remove this single. Strange since it was released on a Do It Yourself label. Funny how corporates (don't even know who it is, not any source mentioned, I'd like to know how the fuck they could say this material was theirs) don't help young artists at the beginnings but they don't forget to make money from them when they are over. I'm sure doing more for helping the Only Ones to sell records that would ever do those asking me to remove the link (that I removed).  I don't have many illusions and know that soon this blog won't be able to post anything but while it's possible, let's go on. Note that this single was posted more than 18 months ago.

WTF! I didn't reup on rs the Only Ones singles discography after my mf was removed and nobody left a message to ask me for? But in what troubled world do I live? It's a shame. So here it is, they are all reup and dlable again. The first is this immortal gem but not any Only Ones song is less than to possess. Below what I wrote in the initial post (I don't read it again, I'm always horrified by the mediocrity of my poorly written texts so I spare me some pain for my low-self-esteem).

Here the first post about Peter Perrett, surely one of my fave composer/singer/human being on the music planet (almost the only planet that deserves to be lived on to my eyes). First I'll post the Only Ones singles in their chronological order, then most of what he did after the band broke. I don't think it's any use to make a presentation of the band. If you want to know more, there's plenty of sites (even wikipedia) to inform you. For us, in 1977, it was the only band able to maintain what we still loved in the seventies and what we had learned to love in punk and new wave. It was as if Dylan, Lou Reed, David Bowie, Marc Bolan and Ian Hunter had regenerated in a fragile elf backed with one of the strongest band of all times. It was anachronical in 1977 because it was untemporal. This first single was released on a label created for the occasion with a surrealistic (but punk) cover sleeve and featured two extraordinary songs. It's difficult to imagine the band was created some weeks before rather artificially by Peter Perrett with 3 musicians from various horizons (imagine that the drummer, Mike Kellie, had been in Spooky Tooth from 1967 to 1974, not a newcomer actually) and that they had never played together previously. Such an alchemy is usually more frequent in love stories than in rock music. Released in June 1977, I bought it immediately and was rather shocked that it wasn't more noticed by my pals. But soon they would be more, much more. Meanwhile, here's their first gift, one of the strongest thing (with the Saints) 1977 gave us. 

The Only Ones - Complete Remains (1984)

First re-up of all the remaining Only Ones material I hadn't re-up on M. You'll see the details about this compilation below. Since Peter Perrett seems to be back in fine physical conditions and plays again with this incredibly fantastic original formation of this unique band (yes they are the only ones for sure) it's time to make a new audience aware of their achievement. Catch it here.

In 1984, the French label Closer released a so-called Only Ones compilation (so-called since songs on it are actually not played by the Only Ones) of lost vaults from various sessions, notably Baby's Got A Gun's ones. This release consisted of a 10 songs LP and a 4 songs "free" single. Actually, it seemed that some of the songs dated from before the Only Ones ("Watch You Drown", "My Rejections", "Counterfeit Woman" with an incredible great solo from Glenn Tillbrook, "Broken Arrows" and maybe some others from the single). In 1993, Anagram label released a CD featuring most of the songs from this album+free single except 2: the Small Faces cover "My Way Of Giving" and "Broken Arrows", probably an England's Glory's song (the band formed by Peter Perrett in 1974 prior to the Only Ones). However, they added 2 bonus songs "Silent Night" and "Don't Feel Too Good" that are from the Only Ones since Perry, Mair and Kellie play on them. Here, at least, I gathered songs from the 3 sources to provide the complete Remains songs. I ripped the 2 non-CD songs from my vinyls, but it seems Anagram had done the same with their CD (cracking is obvious). Got no place to talk about the quality of the content. It's uneven but there are several great moments on it and the influences (Lou Reed, Neil Young) are much more obvious than on the official releases. No Only Ones fan should ignore this sixteen pack.

The Small Faces cover


Traffic - Live at the Winterland (1973)

This concert was recorded at the Winterland (San Francisco), four months prior to their Germany dates that provided the material for the On The Road official double live LP released next October. I usually thought that the sound was too shitty to be posted here. But recently I discovered on Youtube two songs from this concert, actually the lasts of the setlist, bonuses on some versions of this bootleg, omitted on others. And I was surprised by the sound quality. Unfortunately the Youtuber did not upload the other songs of the concert, so I don't know whether he had them also in better sonor quality. Since these two songs are pure masterpieces ("Mr Fantasy" and "The Low-Spark of Hi-Heeled Boys"), I decided to post this bootleg (vitually wrapped in a less ugly cover sleeve that the ones found here and there). This is really the band in its best formation for me. This mix between UK rock, soul and jazz is the most tasty ever done to my ears. So bad Steve Winwood then chose to adopt a soul crooner posture when he was so charismatic and inventive during these years. I tried to improve the sound of the 10 first tracks but not sure I succeeded more than marginally. And if the sound is not good enough for you, skip and go to the 2 lasts, you'll see (ear) it's much better. So catch this long aural journey with Traffic here.


Chartreuse - You Really Got Me / Rock And Roll Rules (1977)

I'm glad some ask this single to be re-up since 4 years ago I was quite proud to have ripped it from my vinyl (I'm more and more lazy to do it these late months although I have amount of never-released on CD or in MP3 material to tranfer) and posted it for all the Cockney Rebel completists (see below to understand why). Not that this is a masterpiece but there's something thrilling to listen to what ex-Steve Harley partners had imagined to do after their leader left them. So catch it here. PS. Once again the sleeve is mine, apocryph not authentic.

Today, quite a rarity I think, and a really forgotten song. Actually, not the song since it's a cover of one of the most famous one in history, the Kinks' "You Really Got Me". But this cover is usually not cited in the lists of bands having played it. Chartreuse is the band created by 2 ex-Cockney Rebel members, bassist Paul Jeffreys and keyboardman Milton Raeme James, after being briefly in Bebop Deluxe in 1975 (but never recording anything with Bill Nelson). This single was issued quite late, since in 1977, the glam times were over. I must say I was quite enthusiast when I saw this single in 77, but deeply deceived listening to it. Belonging to no clear style, there is something of Devo and Sparks in it, but rather weak, even on the original B-side song. The band will be short-lived, and both musicians (other members of Chartreuse seem to be those of the band Violins, Jeff Faulkner on guitar and Malcolm Ashmore on drums with vocalist Rob Elliott) would form the also unsuccessful Warm Jets the next year, a much more punk and new wave band this time. Ironically, the "You Really Got Me" cover by Van Halen would be a massive hit the year after. This difficult to find and expensive to buy 7" has never been issued on CD or on MP3 before I think. I ripped my vinyl for this post. I think the sound is quite good. A document for completists of music made by various Cockney Rebel members. There was no cover sleeve on the original issue so I created one, based on my interpretation of the Chartreuse beverage and physical love described in the lyrics of the song. There is no available picture of this band neither.


Forgotten Songs rough mix Top 10 LPs of 2014

Here, a little bit late but it's my fault  not his (recent French dramatic events and Kim Fowley's death made me delay this best of), the top 10 LPs for rough mix, my Forgotten Songs co-administrator. Some in common (actually 2) but not that much, but it's the way I like our friendship since we are 12 yrs old, that means.... oops, 44 years ago (tell me it's a nightmare). It's true he's a musician and I'm not. I suppose it has some impact on our tastes. But I think he likes some of what I selected and I also appreciate some bands or artists he selected (we're both Bruce and Hunter fans for half a century). So here it is. dk.
PS. All word below are from rough mix and explains why he selected each album.

1. Jack Bruce - Silver Rails 
Even without the passing of Jack Bruce, his LP would have been at the top of my 2014 selection. Again and again this multi-gifted musician "would have made my happiness" with his piano fingering, his very talented songwriting and his voice. This is my paradox, although he was considered a bass player from another planet, the black and white keys of his piano always gave me chills.

2. Reignwolf Various
At that point of your reading, each of you may think « that guy is nuts.. ». Actually, not yet, but you’ll very soon find out the blow came very close. Yes because one of my favourite 2014 LP is half of a LP which will come out in few months. Jordan Cook just completed almost a year's concert (I’m wondering beside when he will finally finish his damned 1st album) during which he distilled us 4 crumbs compositions. All titles are powerful and captivating, the wicked blues oozing bloody rain, sweat and tears. He's a one man band on stage (not always actually). I only hope Reignwolf will explode as a meteorite blues band.

3. Rich Robinson - The Ceaseless Sight 
Just like Through a Crooked Sun had me stuck behind my Gibson, trying to reproduce these wonderful riffs, the new opus from RR is a pure class happiness, and mind and skills' delicacy. This time, more versed in seventies slopes and acoustic accents, Rich Robinson spreads gospel melodies and chiseled vocals. All in all, here I am again for 2 years with my fingers bleeding in fun.

4. Lunchbox - Loves you 
Probably for the same reasons than dk (see his post). It’s amazing how this band brings out the art of pop with qualitative writing not heard for ages. The album is obviously exquisitely handcrafted and most arrangements are finely worked (i.e. "Give a little love"). A sweet mix between Undertones and Rundgren Something/Anything era. I definitely love those punches in the stomach.

5 - Jack White - Lazaretto 
You can say anything you want about Jack White but with Lazaretto songwriting,  he surely not took the easy way. Notably because this time, it’s a rather uneased facet of his talent which appears on the album: there is no connection between "Alone in my Home", "High ball Stepper", "That Black Bat Licorice", and this eclecticism, sometimes providing  glam, bluegrass, skiffle or ska, makes Jack White a highly regarded composer / musician.

6. PileDripping 
So that's how two old farts have missed such an UFO?? Especially if one considers that Jesus Lizard, Don Caballero and other Big Black were some of our musical surrogate mothers! This album is truly an event because for a long time I hadn’t heard such tortured lyrical melodies set on lacework riffs ("So Hard", "Prom Song"). I have learned recently that’s probably due to the anterior (and parallel life) of RM as solo acoustic guitarist . One of the interesting prerogative of this blog is that you can declare that even though the album was already 2 years, it was a fantastic bedside album in 2014!

7. Mos Generator - Electric Generator Majesty 
I am afraid I can’t be objective about Dallas Tony Reed, to the point  to forget sometimes his fellows Shawn Johnson and Scooter Haslip in Mos Generator adventure. I like talent and cleverness in music, and meeting it all melted in one person is rather rare. His metal music isn’t easy nor simplistic, his music breathes, swings and is steeped in a delightful atmosphere of "déjà entendu". To know that he’s making it with ease, inspires me the greatest respect.

8. Ian Hunter and the Rant Band - Live in the UK 2010 

Here again an album made by a family. Ian Hunter has decided to publish the recordings of his mini- UK tour in 2010 by involving his wife and daughter (Trudie and Tracie) for the tracklist and the making-off. Backed by a string quartet (a format he had already used with Stings Attached 10 years ago) he raised new intimate feelings with some of his greatest hits, such as covers of "Man Overboard",  "Big Mouth" or "Flowers". Ian Hunter was always one of our poets of rock and roll and he has lost nothing of his song writing skills. If poetry is the last thing that makes us life bearable, then each year should be punctuated by a Hunter album.

9. Birth Of Joy - Prisoner 
In 2014 Birth of Joy had the very good idea to realise their splendid 2nd LP and carry on this summer with a concert next door to my home. Kevin Stunnenberg, Bob Hogenelst, Gertjan Gutman really impressed me that night. The album is rather dark compared to Happen Makes Things and I now understand the improvisations phases instilled in "The Sound", "Clean Out" or "Three Days Road". The keyboards, to my delight, are increasingly voracious and ubiquitous, giving this album a wet basement perfume, a real manic suffocative loneliness. Guys, it was a pleasure to meet you and yes, Jim Morisson is at last dead now !

10. Nickel Creek A Dotted Line
Because I would always been surprised that a gifted man such as Chris Thile, riding a wooden handle 6 15/16" long, not playing divas on football stadiums scenes, takes care and time to do an album with completely anonymous childhood friends. Ecclectism always and again with ''Destination" and "Hayloft" (a song Jack White couldn't have deny). Chris Thile the prog-bluegrass virtuoso have the knack to make us salivate between two Punch Brothers albums.