Forgotten Songs rough mix Top 10 LPs of 2014

Here, a little bit late but it's my fault  not his (recent French dramatic events and Kim Fowley's death made me delay this best of), the top 10 LPs for rough mix, my Forgotten Songs co-administrator. Some in common (actually 2) but not that much, but it's the way I like our friendship since we are 12 yrs old, that means.... oops, 44 years ago (tell me it's a nightmare). It's true he's a musician and I'm not. I suppose it has some impact on our tastes. But I think he likes some of what I selected and I also appreciate some bands or artists he selected (we're both Bruce and Hunter fans for half a century). So here it is. dk.
PS. All word below are from rough mix and explains why he selected each album.

1. Jack Bruce - Silver Rails 
Even without the passing of Jack Bruce, his LP would have been at the top of my 2014 selection. Again and again this multi-gifted musician "would have made my happiness" with his piano fingering, his very talented songwriting and his voice. This is my paradox, although he was considered a bass player from another planet, the black and white keys of his piano always gave me chills.

2. Reignwolf Various
At that point of your reading, each of you may think « that guy is nuts.. ». Actually, not yet, but you’ll very soon find out the blow came very close. Yes because one of my favourite 2014 LP is half of a LP which will come out in few months. Jordan Cook just completed almost a year's concert (I’m wondering beside when he will finally finish his damned 1st album) during which he distilled us 4 crumbs compositions. All titles are powerful and captivating, the wicked blues oozing bloody rain, sweat and tears. He's a one man band on stage (not always actually). I only hope Reignwolf will explode as a meteorite blues band.

3. Rich Robinson - The Ceaseless Sight 
Just like Through a Crooked Sun had me stuck behind my Gibson, trying to reproduce these wonderful riffs, the new opus from RR is a pure class happiness, and mind and skills' delicacy. This time, more versed in seventies slopes and acoustic accents, Rich Robinson spreads gospel melodies and chiseled vocals. All in all, here I am again for 2 years with my fingers bleeding in fun.

4. Lunchbox - Loves you 
Probably for the same reasons than dk (see his post). It’s amazing how this band brings out the art of pop with qualitative writing not heard for ages. The album is obviously exquisitely handcrafted and most arrangements are finely worked (i.e. "Give a little love"). A sweet mix between Undertones and Rundgren Something/Anything era. I definitely love those punches in the stomach.

5 - Jack White - Lazaretto 
You can say anything you want about Jack White but with Lazaretto songwriting,  he surely not took the easy way. Notably because this time, it’s a rather uneased facet of his talent which appears on the album: there is no connection between "Alone in my Home", "High ball Stepper", "That Black Bat Licorice", and this eclecticism, sometimes providing  glam, bluegrass, skiffle or ska, makes Jack White a highly regarded composer / musician.

6. PileDripping 
So that's how two old farts have missed such an UFO?? Especially if one considers that Jesus Lizard, Don Caballero and other Big Black were some of our musical surrogate mothers! This album is truly an event because for a long time I hadn’t heard such tortured lyrical melodies set on lacework riffs ("So Hard", "Prom Song"). I have learned recently that’s probably due to the anterior (and parallel life) of RM as solo acoustic guitarist . One of the interesting prerogative of this blog is that you can declare that even though the album was already 2 years, it was a fantastic bedside album in 2014!

7. Mos Generator - Electric Generator Majesty 
I am afraid I can’t be objective about Dallas Tony Reed, to the point  to forget sometimes his fellows Shawn Johnson and Scooter Haslip in Mos Generator adventure. I like talent and cleverness in music, and meeting it all melted in one person is rather rare. His metal music isn’t easy nor simplistic, his music breathes, swings and is steeped in a delightful atmosphere of "déjà entendu". To know that he’s making it with ease, inspires me the greatest respect.

8. Ian Hunter and the Rant Band - Live in the UK 2010 

Here again an album made by a family. Ian Hunter has decided to publish the recordings of his mini- UK tour in 2010 by involving his wife and daughter (Trudie and Tracie) for the tracklist and the making-off. Backed by a string quartet (a format he had already used with Stings Attached 10 years ago) he raised new intimate feelings with some of his greatest hits, such as covers of "Man Overboard",  "Big Mouth" or "Flowers". Ian Hunter was always one of our poets of rock and roll and he has lost nothing of his song writing skills. If poetry is the last thing that makes us life bearable, then each year should be punctuated by a Hunter album.

9. Birth Of Joy - Prisoner 
In 2014 Birth of Joy had the very good idea to realise their splendid 2nd LP and carry on this summer with a concert next door to my home. Kevin Stunnenberg, Bob Hogenelst, Gertjan Gutman really impressed me that night. The album is rather dark compared to Happen Makes Things and I now understand the improvisations phases instilled in "The Sound", "Clean Out" or "Three Days Road". The keyboards, to my delight, are increasingly voracious and ubiquitous, giving this album a wet basement perfume, a real manic suffocative loneliness. Guys, it was a pleasure to meet you and yes, Jim Morisson is at last dead now !

10. Nickel Creek A Dotted Line
Because I would always been surprised that a gifted man such as Chris Thile, riding a wooden handle 6 15/16" long, not playing divas on football stadiums scenes, takes care and time to do an album with completely anonymous childhood friends. Ecclectism always and again with ''Destination" and "Hayloft" (a song Jack White couldn't have deny). Chris Thile the prog-bluegrass virtuoso have the knack to make us salivate between two Punch Brothers albums.


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