Traffic - Live at the Winterland (1973)

This concert was recorded at the Winterland (San Francisco), four months prior to their Germany dates that provided the material for the On The Road official double live LP released next October. I usually thought that the sound was too shitty to be posted here. But recently I discovered on Youtube two songs from this concert, actually the lasts of the setlist, bonuses on some versions of this bootleg, omitted on others. And I was surprised by the sound quality. Unfortunately the Youtuber did not upload the other songs of the concert, so I don't know whether he had them also in better sonor quality. Since these two songs are pure masterpieces ("Mr Fantasy" and "The Low-Spark of Hi-Heeled Boys"), I decided to post this bootleg (vitually wrapped in a less ugly cover sleeve that the ones found here and there). This is really the band in its best formation for me. This mix between UK rock, soul and jazz is the most tasty ever done to my ears. So bad Steve Winwood then chose to adopt a soul crooner posture when he was so charismatic and inventive during these years. I tried to improve the sound of the 10 first tracks but not sure I succeeded more than marginally. And if the sound is not good enough for you, skip and go to the 2 lasts, you'll see (ear) it's much better. So catch this long aural journey with Traffic here.


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