Free - UK Singles As and Bs fake LP (1968-73)

To finish this great series (still one live set to come in further days), a compilation of A and B sides of all the UK singles released by the band during its tormented life. Although for many Free seems a very easy band to recognize, it's fascinating how they changed throughout a so short timespan (only 4 years actually). In these times, 4 years were not far to be the life expectancy of a band before it became to be short of renewal and inspiration. Blessed times when now (let's say since the 90's) it seems bands stick to their bone for decades. This compilation will be used to re-up all these singles posted individually some years ago. So I'll put the link in each of them. A way to reduce the number of dead links. Note that I chose to include the mono versions of the songs when they were edited this way on the single (only the first 2 actually). Of course some B-sides are of interest although all have been released on various compilations and none is a real rarity (and none is a forgotten gem). Catch this sum here. PS. For the cover sleeve (my guilty pleasure), I used a picture from one of my favorite photographer, Jan Saudek since I think it fits well with the band imagery. Interestingly this picture was taken in 1971 so it could have been used for a Free record. Let's do this association more than 40 years later. Since Andy Fraser recently died (and Paul Kossoff long ago), this compilation is of course dedicated to their memory. Sad that Paul Rodgers did not sustain his composer's gift after Free. Catch it here. Below some TV appearances of Free for supporting some of these songs in the charts. Note that they play real and not playback on TOTP for "All Right Now", not usual in this famous TV show.

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